A rat in a maze.
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Tsuga had to smile to herself slightly as Arin filled her in on some of the things she needed to know. She was somewhat surprised to hear that the Accepted knew hand-to-hand combat, though it certainly shouldn’t have been so shocking. They continued to exchange information, but it seemed only moments before their names were called. Tsuga stood rigidly as the weave was set upon them, shuddering slightly at the sudden feeling of being watched. She had a distinctive little bundle of emotion sitting in the back of her head, and after a few moments, she realized that it must be Arin’s consciousness sitting there. It was a strange feeling, being connected to someone in this way, but at the same time, it seemed easier. It certainly eliminated much of the need for talking; besides, it also made it nearly impossible to lie about anything effectively. She could tell this instinctively as she examined the bundle of feeling in her mind.

Once they had had a few moments to grow accustomed to the new bond, they were led off – Tsuga to the entrance to the maze, and Arin to the center. Tsuga did her best to follow the twists and turns that she took, though it wasn’t easy. It seemed she’d have to stick to trial-and-error after all . . .. She could point directly to her partner, but that didn’t mean she’d be able to get to her without finding several dead ends.

Before long, the signal was given to begin, and Tsuga set off at a slow trot, picking a direction – straight ahead – at random. She had only taken perhaps five steps before she sensed Arin coming under attack. Seconds later, she met up with her own first obstacle. She had expected to be facing a more-or-less physical opponent, but unfortunately her first foe was a series of fireballs hurled at her from out of nowhere. Luckily, they moved fairly slowly, and Tsuga was able to dodge them with relative ease. Cursing under her breath, the Sei’Tar picked up her pace a bit, taking careful note of each turn she took and what little progress she was making. She could still feel Arin coming under attack and deflecting them with relative ease, but she still pushed herself as hard as she could, traveling as quickly as she dared.

Her brash speed almost proved to be her downfall. Tsuga rounded a corner at a near dead run, and almost fell into a hole that she could see no bottom in. She started to skirt around it carefully, and then had an idea. She managed to find a stray rock nearby and tossed it into the hole. She had to laugh at herself when she realized that the hole must have been illusion, but she still eased around it gingerly.

She hit a dead end after several minutes, and was forced to backtrack, taking a different turn. This happened a few more times, as well as having to face several more foes, only a few of them ones she could combat in a way she was comfortable, but finally she found a clear bath to the center. She felt a brief sense of panic as she closed in, but then it was gone, followed by mild amusement. She turned a final corner and came out into a clearing and saw Arin fighting off a rather fearsome-looking series of attacks. Unfortunately, they all seemed to be results of the Power, and Tsuga could do very little to help.

Once the attacks ceased, Arin seemed to finally realize that her partner had arrived, turning to give Tsuga a wry smile. “Good to see you.” Tsuga snorted, shaking her head. “Same here.” Since neither seemed terribly inclined to say anything more, they set off. Unfortunately, they couldn’t return the way that Tsuga had come – they had to proceed forward. After a while, about the time that Tsuga had hit her stride and felt she could keep going like this forever, Arin reached out a hand and pulled her back. The Sei’Tar shot her an affronted look, but it was promptly explained to her that she’d nearly tripped the Ward that the Accepted was supposed to disarm. Wincing at her own blind stupidity, Tsuga stepped back out of the way to give Arin room to work, and also to watch her partner’s back.

This proved to be a good strategy when, as Arin worked at disarming the weave, a figure (Tsuga could identify no gender on this one, nor any distinctive features; this had been true of all of her foes until now, though, and so it was no surprise) charged at the Accepted from the side. The Sei’Tar, not willing to give up so easily, dove and tackled the assailant to the ground, grappling briefly until her opponent freed itself and ran off into the maze. Tsuga was tempted to chase after, but Arin had disarmed the ward and was pulling her forward again. Stay focused, Tsuga reminded herself, setting off at a steady pace once again.

OOC: Blah, sorry that's so sucky, but I really have no idea what kind of attacks they're supposed to be facing...

  • PartnershipAccepted Arin Alistaire, Sun Sep 17 14:58
    Well, this would be interesting. Arin had never given much thought to the subject of bonds… at least, not much more than the average White Tower initiate, as everyone gave it some thought at some... more
    • A rat in a maze. — Tsuga, Sei'Tar, Sun Sep 17 18:37
      • Fun With FireAccepted Arin Alistaire, Wed Sep 27 22:41
        Arin normally would have been more irritated by the look Tsuga had given her, but after only a moment, Arin could feel the Sei'Tar's irritation at having not noticed the ward. It was easier to ignore ... more
        • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but . . . well.Tsuga Sei'Tar, Thu Sep 28 18:29
          Tsuga wasn’t sure how she was managing to evade the blows aimed at her by the “assassins” that seemed to materialize from nowhere, but by some stroke of luck both of the girls remained unscathed.... more
          • Belated credit!!Taryn, Sun Oct 8 11:11
            Kate managed to direct my attention to the fact that you two finished up your Obstacle course, so there are two shiny credits for both of you!! ~~~~Taryn
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