Valla Karajan, Aethan'Tar
Space: A Gap To Be Filled
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“We’re supposed to get to know each other, but I doubt we’ll become bosom buddies in five minutes,” the Accepted said awkwardly, mirroring Valla’s own thoughts. “I’m Sonja, I can channel, and I live here and learn what they teach me. What else do you need to know? I’m good with Fire, terrible with Water, and I haven’t a bloody Talent to my name. They say I’m a ‘late bloomer.’” Valla’s lips quirked in shared pain at that. With her skinny frame and shoddy breeches she was occasionally mistaken for a young boy. It had led to some... interesting confrontations. “And you? What do you…um….do?”

“I hit people with blunt sticks." Valla spoke candidly, "I can make a fire, so long as I have some kindling and a flint, am able to draw water from a well and have the incredible talent of being able to touch my nose with my tongue.” A demonstration followed. The Saldaean laughed at the look on the Accepted’s face, diffusing her own nervous energy and swiped the wetness off the tip of her prominent nose with the cuff of her sleeve.

The situation was absurdly laughable, despite living and working within arrow's fall of each other it had never seriously occurred to Valla how little she knew of the Aes Sedai's charges, or them of the Trainees. Now, faced with an Accepted who seemed to have the length of limbs usually given to spring foals, the enormity of Valla's ignorance would be truly unveiled. She no longer cared for the outcome of the lesson - that was untrue - a successful end would be very much welcome. Rather she wondered about what it was that made Sonja - who looked so unassuming- an Accepted. What had she done to get this far? Or on a frightening train of thought, what would she do to get further?

Another thing, the other Aethan'tar seemed to be with novices. Why was she with an Accepted? It was a good thing, she decided. It must be, convincing herself of that would be more difficult. Maybe Sonja wondered why she was paired with an Aethan'Tar.

Valla made a helpless sweep of her hand. “I really have very little idea what under the Light you do, so it’s doubtful that I am going to discover all in the matter of a few moments before this… this… whatever it is. Bond.” Not all the nervousness had dissipated then. "I'm a far simpler creature, just point me in the direction of something big and bad." Or not so big in her case.

Eying the lanky young woman that would be linked in some strange and vague way to herself, Valla shook her head and wondered how the task could be done. How would she be able to feel what the other did, or have some innate knowledge of where the other was? How could she protect the Accepted when she was doing something that Valla did not understand? What did that mean about herself?

There was no way to know what was going to happen, this was like watching an Aes Sedai smile.

The pairings were almost at an end, only a few more single Trainees stood around eying the dwindling selection of novices and Accepted. Time was growing short. Meeting Sonja's large green eyes she tried for focus again, "I'm a fast runner," Well, she was before this morning's exercise anyway, "So I will try to be with you as quickly as I can. Don't know how this bond will help but even without it I should be able to get through a maze... always turn right, right?"

Valla's toothy grin faltered.

"Accepted Sonja and Aethan'Tar Valla!" An authoritative voice and crooked finger. It was time. Even if the morning's run had not sapped her energy, left her with stiff muscles and a certain reluctance to move lest a cramp attack her leg she would have been wary approaching Demetri Sedai intent on Bonding. Or something alot like it, anyway. Peering round her shoulder Valla tried to give a look of reassurance to her blond partner whether or not Sonja needed it. The Saldaean had never been adept at reading faces as she was normally to wrapped up in herself, but out of the two of them she thought that the Accepted had the harder task. From what she understood of the short and deliberately vague descriptions for what awaited them anyway.

Apprehension caused allsorts of tics that Valla never realized she had; lip biting, ear pulling, hair flicking, frequent blinking, knuckle cracking. Standing before the Aes Sedai she waited, and waited. Was she meant to do somethi-

Tickling, like the grass that had caressed her hot skin that morning, cool, trickling down her body almost soo-

A steel gauntlet pushing down upon her forehead, reaching down through her mind, invasive and push-

Space. A gap that ached to be fill-

Another. A presence that was sensed rather than seen, known but without identity. Not yet.

The dark receded from Valla's eyesight, leaving her light-headed and not quite breathless. That was quick. She was everywhere, too close, and startled. Valla took a few flighty steps backwards and although She remained fixed within Valla's mind, there was the distinct impression that She was also further away.

Shaking her head in a useless attempt to clear her mind the Saldaean tried to calm her thoughts, realize what had happened and respond in a more logical way. "Blood and Ashes!" Alright, so maybe not so logical. Frowning, she directed her senses inward. It was confusing, some emotions that were her own were mirrored in a blurry wool wrapped sort of way by Sonja, for surely she was the She. But that could just be that the way that Sonja reacted was similar to Valla's own.

Glancing up Valla met Sonja's green eyes and grinned childishly, there was little else she could do.

Name, etc filled in by Taryn. Doncha love the title I gave??

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