Bubbles of One Kind or Another
Tue Sep 19, 2006 04:56 (XFF:

“Greetings Sorcha Eamonn, I am, as you guessed, Tain Aethan’Tar. I will admit, because if what you say is true you will sense it anyway, that I am afraid of what is to come. Not the test, but the closeness we will experience. There are a lot of things in my head that need to stay there, I would be greatly indebted to you if, by some way you come across one of these such things, you will never speak of them again? Apart from this little fact it will be an honor to act as your Warder today! If I may ask, where are you from? I myself hail from Ebou Dar, more specifically, the Rahad. Have you heard of it?”

The boy – Tain – was odd. After her introductions, he had replied with moments of silence as his eyes darted madly around the room, and then, just as oddly, he quickly presented her with this little speech that left her slightly bemused. Why was he scared of the experience they were going to share together?

Sorcha felt a mass of curiosity as to what it would feel like to actually be Bonded to someone, and this was the perfect way to feel it. Of course Accepted could not Bond Warders – nor did she want to – but she had always felt this grain of curiosity about how it felt to have someone in your head, feeling their emotions and vice versa. Like most Accepted when she saw an Aes Sedai with a Bondmate she would make up ridiculous predictions to how it would actually feel, and now at last her curiosity would be satisfied to a point.

“I will not speak of these things in your head that must stay there, Tain Aethan’Tar,” she said, slightly annoyed that the boy did not put the title of ‘Accepted’ in front of her name. These trainees were surely taught to respect Accepted and Aes Sedai? She also silently wondered what it was that the boy didn’t want her to speak of, but no doubt she would find out soon enough. “Although I do find myself curious as to what they are, I must admit, but I shall not question you about them, do not worry. No doubt there is something in my own mind that I cannot think of that could come back to haunt me one day. After all, we all have our regrets. I am from a small village, Arien, in Andor. I am not familiar with Ebou Dar, and thus I am not familiar with the Rahad at all, I’m afraid.”

Sorcha looked around and realised that they were to be next to have the bond emulating weave pushed onto them, so she fell silent and stepped up to Demetri Sedai with Tain when it was their turn.

Looking at the silver nimbus that surrounded the Keeper of the Chronicles, Sorcha did not realise straight away that Demetri Sedai was weaving the elements together. It wasn’t until the weave was partway done that the Accepted actually realised that the weaving had started and that she should actually watch it to see if it taught her anything. Spirit seemed to be the element that was the most prominent, but the weave was so complex that she could not follow the Aes Sedai’s quick weavings or see if any other elements had been added. The only thing she was sure of was that there was Spirit somewhere within that weave, and a lot of it.

The weave placed on them set a quick thrill through Sorcha, and as soon as she felt a presence bubble into her mind her first reaction was to panic. For a few fleeting moments her mind went mad and it felt like someone on the inside of her body was tearing at her flesh with their fingernails, but with a few simple breathing exercises that novices were taught she calmed the panic and inspected the feeling.

She could feel the fear from the boy, and she looked across to him, his eyes darting madly once more. She presented herself as completely relaxed, and sent relaxing feelings towards him through the bubble of emotions in her head. It took some thought to do, but if she focused on it she could send them through to him, or at least she thought she was. His own shifting mind slowed also, calming considerably. If it was because of the boy’s own devices or her own she was not sure, but he was calmer now.

Looking across to him she saw that Jield Gaidin leading her pseudo-Warder away from her – no doubt towards on side of the maze – and she realised that Demetri Sedai was gesturing her away into the center of the maze where she would begin to face the attacks. She wasn’t too keen on the idea, so Light pray the boy would come to her side quickly so that they could get on with the task.

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