A-Mazed and Confused
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Well, at least her partner didn’t seem too horrible, Sonja thought, shifting from foot to foot. Her anxiety was growing, and she wondered if she would be able to get through this bizarre exercise without getting sick. From the way her stomach was rumbling and moaning, she wasn’t so sure.

They chatted a while. Sonja had to laugh at Valla’s description of herself—‘I hit people with sticks’. And she was a fast runner, which was probably good. Whatever was going to be thrown at them today, it’d probably help to be able to run quickly, especially if Sonja was left alone and undefended from…whatever.

Then their name was called, and Demetri Sedai was striding towards them. There was something about the woman that made Sonja nervous, something about the way she looked at her that made her feel like she had spots on her dress.

All thoughts were swept aside as the weave came at her. Sonja tried to catch it in her mind, to get a sense of what it was being pushed at the two of them, but all she saw was Spirit, and then…

She gasped, putting a hand to her head, squeezing her eyes shut. One moment, all was normal, and the next, there was another…something, a presence, in her mind. It wasn’t an evil presence; it wasn’t even unpleasant—it was just…

“Weird,” she whispered, lifting her eyes to meet Valla’s equally surprised gaze. Sonja had heard descriptions of the bond before, and she wasn’t sure how close this was to the real thing, but it was the sort of thing that words would never be able to properly describe. She had been set against this idea from the moment she heard it, but now that she felt this knot of sensation and emotion tucked away on a shelf in her mind, she realized it wasn’t as horrid as she’d thought it would be. It felt more like a sort of kinship with the other woman, something she hadn’t expected.

“Let’s get this done,” Sonja said, and both Valla and Demetri nodded.

These Aes Sedai are crazy, Sonja thought, folding her arms around herself. When the blindfold had been removed, she’d found herself alone in darkness. There had been a moment of panic, a clenching claustrophobia, before she remembered she could do something about it. A churning blue globe of light chased away some of the dark, revealing her surroundings: a square enclosure of stone, with five different corridors branching off. She could hear strange sounds off in the distance, muffled thumps and bursts like small explosions. Even more bizarre, she could still feel Valla in her mind, only there was a sort of distance. Sonja tried to guess just how far that distance might be, but this was too new for her, she had no reference for which to make any sort of gauge.

“Okay, so come find me, then,” she muttered, eyeing the space around her. This was creepy. She thickened the flow for her globe of light, and the shadows fled further, illuminating the corridors just ahead of her. One stretched away out of sight, while another took a sharp left turn. Where was this place? Was this in the Tower, or had they Traveled? She didn’t remember feeling Demetri make any weave for a gateway, but sometimes Sonja didn’t always pay attention, and she certainly had an excuse to be distracted.

She heard a whistling sound come up behind her, and turned just in time to see a purple streak of light wizzing towards her. Sonja let out a cry and threw up her hands, not even thinking about the Power. Her own globe of light winked out, and the whizzing purple light-thing collided into her, sending a sharp tingling sensation throughout her, like a shock.

“Bloody hell!” Sonja cried out. Another keening sound came from the other direction, and this time she had the presence of mind to throw up a shield of Air. The purple bar of light bounced off it and dissolved into a shower of indigo motes.

Sonja lit her globe of light again, taking a hesitant step forward down the corridor from which the purple thing had come. Someone must have channeled that at her, but from how far away? She couldn’t’ feel anyone, and if someone was close enough she should be able to sense their ability.

“Hello?” she called out.


Of course, someone could be masking their ability. The purple thing had been a construct of saidar, but it could have been a preexisting weave triggered by her presence. The Light only knew what sort of bizarre things the Aes Sedai had created for this little ‘experiment.’

She could sense some sort of urgency in the quasi-bond, now. And was it her imagination, or was the bond stronger now, as if she was coming closer?

“Valla!” she called out, then let her cry cut off short. Maybe shouting would send something else unpleasant her way. But Light, she hated just sitting here, waiting. If she were a real Aes Sedai, she would never just sit on her heels and wait. But then, if she were a real Aes Sedai, why would she be stuck in a bloody maze with weird purple lights hurtling at her?

It was a good question, and Sonja would have taken a moment to consider it if a strange black ooze hadn’t started to drip from the ceiling. “Wha--?” Was all she had time to say before the ooze sploshed onto her shoulder with a hiss. Sonja jumped, startled. It hurt!

“What is this?” she said aloud, channeling another shield of Air, pulling it up protectively around herself. The drops of black ooze only slowed, dripping through her shield. She saw no weaves, and it didn’t look like it was setting her clothes afire, but every time one hit her she felt a tiny burn.

This was getting ridiculous. She’d expected fake Trollocs, maybe, or holes in the ground, but this felt like some wacko alien environment, completely foreign and out of her realm. Sonja could only think to channel Fire, her strongest element, sending a gout of flame hurtling up towards where the mysterious black ooze was coming from. There was a sssss, a puff of smoke, and then the ooze came no more.

Okay, so whatever they sent at her might be weird and uncomfortable, but it wouldn’t maim her or kill her, and she could fight them off even if she didn’t understand what sort of mind could come up with such stupid ‘obstacles.’

Come on, Valla, she thought, pacing back and forth. One more minute, then she was going after her, no matter what the instructions had been. Purple lights, black ooze…the Creator only knew what would come next.

That was when the Trollocs appeared, as if someone had read her thoughts.

Sonja shrieked, then turned and ran.

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