Fun With Fire
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Arin normally would have been more irritated by the look Tsuga had given her, but after only a moment, Arin could feel the Sei'Tar's irritation at having not noticed the ward. It was easier to ignore certain actions when one knew the feelings of the other person at all times. This was proving to be a rather intriguing experience. However, Arin did not follow this train of thought for long – she had things that needed to be done… and rather quickly at that. She brought her mind back to the ward in front of her, embracing saidar and examining it. The section designed to trip passers-by was made of Spirit, set so that it would, when touched, trigger a weave of Fire attached farther down and set off a rather violent explosion some ways up the path. This explosion would dislodge a large amount of rock and rubble, effectively barring the way.

And to make things even more fun, someone was apparently… attacking them again? Arin felt Tsuga's brief surprise as the assailant ran towards them, but this was quickly overcome by determination as the Sei'Tar flung herself at the… whomever it was. Arin was slightly worried by this random assault, but turned her attention to the ward once again – after all, this was the part she was supposed to do.

She carefully felt around the ward, looking for – ah, there was the end. Very gently, she detached the Spirit from the weave of Fire, and then, even more gently, touched the weave of Fire with a thin thread of Water. As she'd hoped, the Fire weave dissipated. With that weave gone, she could slice through the weave of Spirit, which evaporated harmlessly. She looked back to find that the attacker was running off into the maze. Tsuga was about to give chase – it was an odd sensation to be able to feel this in the back of her mind – but Arin took the Sei'Tar's wrist and pulled her forward. "We've got to keep going," she said. "He… or she… isn't going to come after us."

It wasn't long before they came upon the next obstacle – the path suddenly dropped off to reveal a dark, expansive gorge. Arin knew that the most sensible method for crossing it would be hardened Air, but in this case, that wasn't possible. She wasn't strong enough in Air or in the Power to support that much weight for that long a time, however quickly they tried to hurry across the gorge. So that left…


She sunk a weave of Fire deep into the near wall of the gorge. "Stand back!" she warned Tsuga, and, once she felt the Sei'Tar move, Arin let the weave go. The threads had been compressed, but now they quickly expanded, and a section of the wall burst outward, rocks falling into the gorge. Arin performed the same weave on the other side, and was pleased to see that the effect which she had intended had indeed happened – a sort of bridge had formed. Not the most ideal of bridges, as it was composed mostly of unstable rubble, but it would function for this one purpose.

The two crossed this, and continued along. Soon they were at the last obstacle. This one was almost the reverse of the gorge – instead of the drop before them, there was a large pile of boulders. For a moment, Arin wondered if they were pushing this one on her purposefully, as a sort of punishment for destroying their gorge. But this thought did not have long to live, as she was quickly distracted by a burst of surprise from Tsuga.

A man – or woman, for again the figure was clothed in black – had jumped from behind a wall and was going at Tsuga with a long staff. Arin was again slightly worried, but surely the Sei'Tar could take care of this attacker. The pile of boulders was what she herself had to work with.

Again, Fire was the first solution to come to her mind. Arin loved to work with Fire – it always behaved well for her. She was about to use the same sort of explosive weave on the first rock when she realized that flying rubble might cause serious problems. After a moment, she had erected a shield of Air – not the sturdiest thing, but it would keep most rubble on the opposite side, away from them.

The boulders exploded quite satisfactorily as she sunk the weaves of Fire into their centers, and soon the way was clear enough to let the two of them pass through to the exit. Arin let the shield dissipate, and realized that Tsuga had finished with the attacker.

"Well," Arin said, grinning a little, "It looks as if we made it."

OOC: Again, I apologize for the lateness of this.

  • A rat in a maze.Tsuga, Sei'Tar, Sun Sep 17 18:37
    Tsuga had to smile to herself slightly as Arin filled her in on some of the things she needed to know. She was somewhat surprised to hear that the Accepted knew hand-to-hand combat, though it... more
    • Fun With Fire — Accepted Arin Alistaire, Wed Sep 27 22:41
      • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but . . . well.Tsuga Sei'Tar, Thu Sep 28 18:29
        Tsuga wasn’t sure how she was managing to evade the blows aimed at her by the “assassins” that seemed to materialize from nowhere, but by some stroke of luck both of the girls remained unscathed.... more
        • Belated credit!!Taryn, Sun Oct 8 11:11
          Kate managed to direct my attention to the fact that you two finished up your Obstacle course, so there are two shiny credits for both of you!! ~~~~Taryn
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