Sticks and stones may break my bones, but . . . well.
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Tsuga wasn’t sure how she was managing to evade the blows aimed at her by the “assassins” that seemed to materialize from nowhere, but by some stroke of luck both of the girls remained unscathed. When at last their latest attacker ran off in retreat, Tsuga started to pursue of out pure habit, but before she could do more than take a step, Arin had her by the wrist and was hauling her in the opposite direction, and they were sprinting again, Tsuga’s mind quickly taken off of the fleeing opponent. Before long, they came up on the next checkpoint.

Luckily for her, Tsuga was able to recognize this obstacle, and so stayed back well out of the way. The huge gorge blocking their way was definitely not something that the Sei’Tar wanted to get too close to, lest she be attacked from behind and topple to her death. She certainly didn’t need the Accepted’s warning to scoot away from the edge. This turned out to be a good decision, as before long Arin began blowing things up. The first explosion caused the Trainee to start in alarm, but she was prepared for the second. The two girls seemed to be having a surplus of luck today – no one attacked while Tsuga was distracted, and they made their way across the gaping hole safely (though there were a few times that one or the other of them slipped and Tsuga nearly panicked).

It didn’t take long for them to come up on their last obstacle. Finally beginning to understand this whole sharing-of-thoughts thing, Tsuga was able to stop well back from the checkpoint and just watch, using what she sensed from Arin – a sudden heightening of caution – to heighten her own awareness of the situation. She was so focused on trying to figure out the knot of emotions in her head that she almost didn’t see the attacker in time. She caught a flash of black out of the corner of her eye and ducked instinctively – a stone flew through the spot where her head had just been, likely propelled from some form of sling.

There was a moment of animal panic where Tsuga’s brain failed to work, and then things kicked in again and she was on her feet, facing down the assailant. The man – woman? – had taken advantage of her sluggishness and was now nearly on top of her, a quarterstaff brandished as though they knew full well how to use it. Unarmed as she was, Tsuga had only one real option, and she didn’t like it. Leaving Arin to take care of getting them through to the end, the Sei’Tar darted forward. As though in slow motion, the staff came down toward her left side, and Tsuga took one final step before diving forward with all of her might and tackling the attacker by the knees.

The man/woman fell hard, and Tsuga got her hands around the staff and began grappling in an attempt to gain control of the weapon. She had a brief flash of memory – her first real attempt using the staff, which had resulted in a couple of broken ribs – and then was back in the present. Somehow, the person under her managed to throw her off, but Tsuga used the momentum to rip the staff from her opponent’s hands. She was on the verge of pressing her advantage when she sensed a wave of impatience from Arin. She cut her eyes to the Accepted, realized that the path was open, and instead of attacking took off at a dead run towards her partner.

As she raced by, Tsuga reached out and grabbed the Initiate by the arm, pulling her along until Arin had managed to regain her balance. They eventually came to a stop, but only after the Accepted dug in her heels and shook off the Sei’Tar’s grip. She stopped and looked at her partner, wondering why they were just standing there, but her question was cut off by the look of victory on the Accepted’s face. “Well, looks as if we made it.”

Finally, Tsuga took the time to look around her. They were out of the maze, they were untouched, and . . . they were done. Blinking in surprise, she allowed taught muscles to relax and returned the other girl’s heady grin. “Looks like we did. Good job, Accepted.” She stopped just short of saying thanks for not screwing it up, figuring that it might not be wise to offend someone who so casually blew up walls and boulders. Instead, she just extended her hand, clasping the other girl’s arm briefly to show her approval. They were promptly herded out of the maze, and while the damage they had done was being repaired, the weave over them was lifted, and Tsuga almost found herself missing the bundle of thought and feeling in her head. Almost; it was nice to have her thoughts to herself again, after all.

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  • Fun With FireAccepted Arin Alistaire, Wed Sep 27 22:41
    Arin normally would have been more irritated by the look Tsuga had given her, but after only a moment, Arin could feel the Sei'Tar's irritation at having not noticed the ward. It was easier to ignore ... more
    • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but . . . well. — Tsuga Sei'Tar, Thu Sep 28 18:29
      • Belated credit!!Taryn, Sun Oct 8 11:11
        Kate managed to direct my attention to the fact that you two finished up your Obstacle course, so there are two shiny credits for both of you!! ~~~~Taryn
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