Bubbles of anticipation
Tue Oct 17, 2006 03:06 (XFF:

As soon as he had begun talking he had realized his mistake. He had failed to follow proper ceremony and had not offered the woman her proper title. He had felt slightly shocked at this little slip of the tongue but had decided to ignore it.

Maybe she did not notice, he thought hopefully. Or maybe she wont care, she looks reasonable!

Reasonable? When were superiors ever reasonable? Tain felt a wave of bitterness steel his spine and sweep through him. Living in the Rahad for his childhood, he had faced his fair share of prejudice and had taken it all in his stride. Since coming to the Tower, where all were equal, he had realized that the prejudice he had experienced in his youth was as big an insult as one human being could offer another.

I am every bit as good as she! Why should she not show me respect? he smiled slightly to himself. Maybe because I am an Aethan’Tar! he laughed and shook his head slightly, already his temper cooling.

“I will not speak of these things in your head that must stay there, Tain Aethan’Tar. Although I do find myself curious as to what they are, I must admit, but I shall not question you about them, do not worry. No doubt there is something in my own mind that I cannot think of that could come back to haunt me one day. After all, we all have our regrets. I am from a small village, Arien, in Andor. I am not familiar with Ebou Dar, and thus I am not familiar with the Rahad at all, I’m afraid.”

Tain laughed loudly, throwing his head back in mirth. “It is better that you do not know anything about the Rahad. The people there have something of a reputation….” Here he paused to scratch his beard thoughtfully. Why was he telling her this? Would this not serve to put her back up about having to work with him? Light! Do you never think man! “ A reputation that is entirely undeserved!” he finished hurriedly, hoping she did not notice his slight hesitation. This is going to be hard enough without you mucking it up, he shook his head slightly as they took a step forward toward the Aes Sedai.

While the Aes Sedai performed whatever amazing feat she had to with the Power, Tain studied his partner sideways, weighing her up and wondering whether she was up to her part of the test. He felt almost a hundred percent positive that this Accepted could easily hold her own and had almost put his mind at ease, when suddenly an unknown presence exploded into his mind. He clawed for the Void helplessly, failing again and again to seize the soothing emptiness. He could not order his mind or muster the discipline necessary to empty himself of all thought. His eyes darted left and right, frantically searching. Searching for a way out, searching for anything that could calm his mind. As he searched he became aware of an unusual sensation emanating from the presence at the back of his mind. Focusing on this ‘bubble’ he reached out slowly, feeling calming rays emanating from the mind of the Accepted. Feeling slightly calmer he assumed the Void, effortlessly this time, slipping happily into the cool confines of his shared mind.

“Tain, if you would follow me please!” he felt a light tap on his shoulder and turning found Jield waiting to escort him toward the beginning of the maze.

“Yes master!” Tain bowed fluidly and set off after the man.

Tain stood uncomfortably before the entrance to the maze, shifting anxiously from foot to foot. Jield had left him here with instruction not to enter the maze till he heard the gong being struck.

Come on Tain, you can do this! As he thought this he sent wave upon wave of confident emotion through the mock bond, feeling them returned, if slightly. He had begun to experiment with the bond as soon as he had left Sorcha’s side and had found that, while a little intimidating at first, it was quite a miraculous thing. Well maybe you are a candidate for bonding after all! he thought with a smile. “Come on Tain you can d…” he was cut off mid-sentence as the gong sounded loudly.

Without second thought Tain dashed into the maze. He kept his wits about him and, using a technique he had perfected in the many streets of Ebou Dar, began to map out the path he traveled in his mind. As he dashed along the path he sent a wave of steely determination through the mock bond.

We will be victorious!

OOC: Sorry about the length of time this took. Am in my last year and things are hectic! Sorry Jer! :-(

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