Fireballs and Boulders and Daggers, oh my!
Tue Oct 17, 2006 17:17 (XFF:

Sorcha felt a surge of emotion through the bond from the Aethan’Tar, but she wasn’t quite used to this feeling so she couldn’t decipher the emotion he was sending her. Besides, she was rather distracted by the two large fireballs that were speeding her way. Already she could feel the heat of them on her face and hands and despite what they had been told they looked very real.

As soon as she had noticed them her mouth had gone quickly dry and she was caught for a moment, unsure how she should be reacting to stop them. Her mind just seemed to lock up and she was almost caught in a wave of panic. The first course of action was simple, so she embraced saidar in a flurry, trying to figure out from there what she could do. The process of embracing saidar calmed her a lot, so she was left with a clear mind and instincts that had been carefully molded by Aes Sedai for years.

Water came to her first, flowing easily into her grasp so that she was able to weave a cross-stitch shield of Water and placed it between her and the fireballs. As they approached she was sure to keep her weave steady, not wanting it to disappear under the strain of the two large fireballs.

The first one hit, and sizzled out of existence, closely followed by the second one, leaving her feeling quite pleased with herself – the first obstacle had been easy!

It was lucky that she was holding saidar, for without it her senses would not have been acute enough to pick up the odd whistling sound that made her turn around. Immediately she worked out what the noise was – metal flying through air. Four daggers were very quickly spinning towards her and her instincts failed her. She couldn’t think of any weave to stop them, and even if she did – later she realised a simple thread of Air to beat them away would have worked quite well – she surely wouldn’t have time to implement it. Instead, with a little yelp, she dropped to the ground and hugged herself into a tight ball until she felt the daggers fly overhead and drift away out of existence.

Knowing that most likely another assault was on its way, she jumped to her feet and turned in a full circle, looking around herself suspiciously. Then out of the corner of her eye she spied two things coming towards her, and she spun, struggling to comprehend the two assaults separately. The adrenalin was surging through her veins now, and because of it she had some trouble differentiating between the two, but she quickly managed to sort it out.

Her attention was immediately seized by the threads of Spirit she could see, and she decided to deal with them before moving onto the other threat. She recognized the way those threads had been woven, having learnt the own weave years ago and also having taught it to a few novices recently. If she was Shielded then she wouldn’t be able to hold off anymore threats, so that was her immediate concern. She was still, of course, holding saidar so once more she allowed the element she desired to wisp into existence.

As she threw the weave of Spirit at the shield she sharpened it as quickly as possible so that it sliced cleaning through the shielding weave, causing the threads within it to snap and break and dissipate away. As they dissipated away, she allowed her own weave of Spirit to drift away, moving to the boulders that were still rolling towards her with atrocious might.

A clang behind her distracted her for a moment and she realised, to her horror, that she was now completely surrounded by boulders that were speeding towards her, threatening to attack her from every side all at once.

Thinking quickly, she wove together an extensive wall of Air, the fact that this was her strongest element made the feat much easier for her, making sure the threads were pulled together tightly so that there were no gaps in the wall that would act as a barrier. She wrapped the thread around herself, leaving her some room to move around within the confines.

As each boulder struck she was thrown back slightly, the force of the impact on her shield enough to make her stumble. However, as each boulder hit the shield it disappeared, only to be replaced by another with equal force. Another fireball was whizzing towards her now, so as she wove together threads of Water to extinguish it, she sent out a mental plea to the Aethan’Tar.

As soon as Tain Aethan’Tar found her, the boulders and the fireballs and every other attack would stop and disappear, she knew that, so she hoped he arrived quickly!

Hurry up! She thought, knowing full well he wouldn’t be able to hear her thoughts.

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