Lost in a Loopy Labyrinth
Wed Oct 18, 2006 14:31 (XFF:

Sonja ran, and collided into a brick wall. “Ooph!” She staggered back, disoriented, then realized the brick wall was in fact, Valla. What made the whole thing truly bizarre was that she could feel the collision on both ends; her own sensations plus the added feelings through their quasi-bond.

Weird, weird, weird. How did Greens manage this? One sort of half-pretend bond was odd enough, but a full bond? Two or three bonds? Sonja couldn’t imagine. Well, no one ever said I was gonna be a Green anyway, she told herself, brushing off her skirts.

Her globe of light sprang into being once more, banishing the thick black shadows that clung to them.

“It’s about time,” she declared, squinting at her temporary bondmate. “What took you so long?”

“I got lost,” Valla said, shrugging. “This is a maze, after all.”

“Yeah, but you could feel me, couldn’t you?”

“That doesn’t mean it was easy,” the trainee shot back. “C’mon, let’s get going.”

“Good idea.” The last attack had been a trio of fake Trollocs, and they hadn’t pursued when Sonja ran. Maybe the Illusions—for that was what they had to be—weren’t programmed to chase after fleeing Accepted. Likely the Keeper hadn’t even imagined flight as a possible scenario—Accepted and trainees were supposed to be brave, after all, and fend off attacks.

Well, not this Accepted, Sonja thought grimly, stalking down the corridor. If she could escape an attack without fighting back and wasting her energy, then so be it. Valla, on the other hand, looked to have other ideas. She crouched about just ahead, low to the ground with her sword at the ready, darting this way and that. Sonja strode determinedly forward, choosing their route at random. Left, left, and then right. Left, left, right, left, and then…

“Whoops,” Valla said, flinging out an arm to stop Sonja. “Gaping hole in the ground.”

Sonja craned her neck, thrusting her burning globe of light forward. “Yep, that’s a gaping hole in the ground, allright. Let’s turn around.”

“No, I think this is the way out. I can hear voices.”

“Right, voices of lost people,” Sonja retorted. “I’m turning around.”

Valla was suddenly in front of her. “Look, I’m supposed to be protecting you. That means getting us out of here as soon as possible, and I say the way out is that way. Can’t you see that the light’s a little brighter there? Can’t you feel the draft?”

Sonja sidestepped Valla, but the trainee only blocked her once more. She couldn’t say why she was so certain that Valla was wrong, but….

Well….why was she wrong? She turned, eyeing the passage ahead of the gaping hole, and saw that yes, the light did seem a little less dim. A little. And maybe the air felt a little cooler.

“Fine,” she said. “You go first.”

The Aethan’tar took a meager step forward, then shook her head. “Too far. I can’t jump it. You’re going to have to do…something.” She waved a head, demonstrating some sort of Power-related activity.

Sonja flushed, and was suddenly glad the darkness hid her face. She was an idiot, sometimes. This was the part where she was supposed to channel them out of here, and even a trainee who didn’t know a bloody thing about the One Power knew better than she.

“Of course,” she said, sniffing. “I was just testing you.”

Valla didn’t say anything, only watched. Sonja bit her lip, studying the gap. It was at least four or five paces wide, and the Light only knew what sort of dangers lay in it’s murky depths. If she screwed this up, they could be really hurt. She doubted their was a cushy mattress down there to break their fall—more likely it was a fiery pit with snarling eels or something.

The answer was obvious, though—practically a novice trick. She channeled quickly, weaving thick slabs of Air into a bridge. Women could make bridges longer than men could, but this was about the extent of her ability. It was narrow, too…a few steps wrong and that would be it.

“There,” she said, tying off the knots as best as she could.

Valla frowned. “I don’t see anything.”

“Of course not!” Sonja snapped. “It’s the One Power. You can’t see the One Power, can you? You just have to trust me. Just…walk. Straight ahead. Here, I’ll show you.”

She lifted her skirts and strode boldly ahead. “See? I’m still alive. Now you go. Don’t worry, I’m your bondmate,. remember? I won’t let you fall.”

Valla strolled nonchalantly across the bridge that was invisible to her eyes, for all the world as if it were a walk in the gardens. Then, suddenly, she shot across the path, shoving Sonja aside. The Accepted shrieked, ducking just as a blast of white balls shot over their heads. The two lay panting on the ground, staring up at the rolling bursts of balls streaming overhead.

“That would have been a shock,” Valla said, crawling away from the bursts. She helped Sonja to her feet, grinning.

Sonja scowled, then nodded a grudging thanks. She was growing weary of this little exercise.

A neat weave of Spirit and Air blocked the bursts of white light, carving a path for them. From there, it a turn, then a straight shot to the exit—they could now see the light of the sun spilling out just ahead.

“We made it,” Sonja said as they emerged. She turned, and shook Valla’s hand. “Good work. Now, let’s see about getting rid of these bond thingies…. Then I need a nap.”

OOC: Valla—I emailed you and didn’t hear back, so I went ahead and wrote us out of the maze. I really hope it’s okay I used her in conversation, but it would have been sort of boring without it. If I miswrote her or had her do anything out of character, just email me and I’ll fix it. If you still want the credit, you can write this thing from your perspective…I think you need two more posts, one for getting to Sonja then one for having them get out. Hope you can finish it up—I enjoyed posting with you for the beginning, at least!


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    Well, at least her partner didn’t seem too horrible, Sonja thought, shifting from foot to foot. Her anxiety was growing, and she wondered if she would be able to get through this bizarre exercise... more
    • Lost in a Loopy Labyrinth — Accepted Sonja Meranes, Wed Oct 18 14:31
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