This Was Not in the Job Description
Sat Oct 21, 2006 18:45 (XFF:

One might not have thought it possible for a face as dark a tan as Nyda’s to turn four shades of red and purple in turn. Well, she defied logic. The entire six plus feet of Aiel shook like parched grass caught in a sand storm. Fists unclenched and clenched again. Thus was the effort it took to keep from knocking the little and insignificant novice unconscious and be done with all of this. Right then and there she nearly turned on her heel and stormed away. She would have, if she had not glanced at her mentor again in that same instance. No. He jaw set firmly. She was not going to fail in this, especially not with the Head Gaidin watching. Nonetheless, her nostrils flared and her nails dug into her skin to where it was rather surprising she didn’t breath through the barrier. [i]She[/i] was the savage? Her people had not been the ones that had –

No, deep calming breaths. If she got herself worked up too much, she might just accidentally kill the novice before her and that would not go over well at all; though the world might be better off. Like most Aiel, Nyda held a firm grudge at the betrayed of the Tree-Killers. That had been before her exposure to the Wetlands and before she had met some of these people. Look at Tsuga Dafrin; she was a Shienarian, but Nyda did not find her presence unfavorable. Now old prejudices were reawakening. How could they not with such a stereotypical example standing right in front of her?

Grinding her teeth, Nyda sent one last glance to her mentor as if he would suddenly walk over to her and exclaim “just kidding” before she offered the most meager of bows to the Novice as was protocol. When he “patted” her cheek, she reached out and caught the hand in one of hers in as powerful a grip as she could manage without breaking it. Once again she considered brute force but then let go. She had dedicated her life to Aes Sedai. She would not assault one that wields the One Power. Even one as….complicated… as this one.

Growling, the Aielwoman turned on her heel with the boy towards the obstacle course as their names were at last called for them to begin. She opened her mouth to finally get a word in, but the boy, for a boy he was, was already setting off down the path. Not even paying a lick of attention to where he was going or what he was doing. Biting off a curse, she followed and passed him. Oh, whether this Cairhien liked it or not, she was going to pass this and keep both of them ‘alive’.

As they started off and Nyda got a couple minutes of satisfaction as her companion had to practically run to match her pace, the Aiel slowed down. This section of the course looked much like the Training Grounds. A few benches here or there, a couple of stray bushes and trees, a building or two. The only thing out of the ordinary was the gate at the far end… which was entwined with at least six yards of knotted rope. It would take hours to undo that by hand. Behind the gate was a rather large boulder. Nyda could have climbed it to get around it with ease, but – Her grey eyes scrutinized Dempsey Taborwin, or more important his short and scrawny legs. He couldn’t be able to with those and she was [i]not[/i] going to carry him. The fact that they would have to rely on [i]this[/i] novices abilities to get through this irked her to no end.

Then it hit her. They were approaching what appeared to be their first goal without any opposition? This was far too easy.

As if awakened by her thoughts, the ground suddenly began to shake beneath their feet. Out of instinct the Aiel crouched low and with another growl yanked Dempsey Tarborwin close to her. She wanted nothing to do with this fowl creature, but there was little choice. With her free hand, she wrapped her [i]shoufa[/i] about her head and – reached for a weapon that wasn’t there. She spat out another curse.

Then an arrow shot from… somewhere… at the two of them and Nyda jumped back on instinct, throwing the Novice with her. The arrow hit the tree... well; it should have hit the tree, but simply vanished into it.

“Its illusion,” she stated for them both as another arrow zoomed past. She pulled them both out of reach again and not a moment too soon. It came within inches of her torso before disappearing into the cobblestone. Nothing will physically harm them, they had said, but if it did, they would be proclaimed dead.

Three more arrows flew at them. The more they stayed here, the more arrows, and the harder it was to dodge them. Especially when she had to worry about carrying for another, another that looked very much panicked or at least struggling with something. Whirling them in what could have been taken as a showy dance step to avoid more arrows, Nyda started to steer them towards the gate.

“Move, Tree-Killer!” She shouted at him, shoving him ahead while still trying to protect them both. Five arrows. “Get us through that gate!”

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