No Need to Thank Me! (No...really...there isn't!)
Sun Oct 22, 2006 04:49 (XFF:

Dempsey was grappling with saidin, trying to grasp it from the darkness of the Void. The Void was a very odd feeling, as it had been the first time he entered it. He did not enjoy being sheltered away from thoughts and feelings. But, as the Void had been the first time, it came and went with his mood. In this case he felt panic course through him, with a mixture of indignity, as he was flung around like a large rag doll by the savage in order to avoid the arrows that were rushing towards them. Beneath his breath Dempsey cursed the White Tower. If my cousin were here I would- Before Dempsey could finish this rather pleasant thought, the savage practically carrying him shouted. "Move, Tree-Killer! Get us through that gate!" Dempsey cursed under his breath as he lost the Void again in surprise. Panic was beginning to seep through Dempsey's body, and he began rambling despite himself. It was just what he did when he was afraid.

"Here now, don't shove me you bloody savage, I am trying to grab the Void and your damn shoving is not helping me to grasp the damn thing…" Arrows whizzed overhead. "On second thought, shoving it going quite well. Do continue, dearie…I'll just keep trying to grasp the damn Void…LEFT!" Dempsey shouted as an arrow whizzed straight at him. Whatever the savages name was made an impressive roll, with Dempsey in her arms. He could not suppress a squawk as she rolled right over him, surprisingly heavy and muscular. She kept shoving him, after standing again, and brought Dempsey right to the gate. "How dare you…" the small Cairhien muttered."You might have flattened me! As it is you managed to make my whites dirty. I have never felt so violated, some savage woman rolling atop me without even-"

"Shut up and destroy the gate, Tree-killer!" the savage screamed, as she dodged from side to side, jostling Dempsey aside when necessary. Dempsey's eyes widened in panic as he remembered what he was supposed to be doing. He grabbed at the Void again, desperately willing it to come to him. His panic overwhelmed it, like an island being struck by a wave. "Destroy it!" she hollered, throwing him over on his side as illusionary arrows whizzed right by his head. Taking a deep breath, Dempsey grabbed at the Void. He felt like sobbing, he wasn't gong to be able to do it!

All of sudden, calmness washed over him. Marveling for a moment at the fact he had managed to attain the Void, the savages shouts reminded him of his task. Desperately, he grasped at saidin. Its light filled him to the brim, washing him away beneath its flow as he desperately clung to a branch of sanity. Channeling Fire, the threads moved grudgingly forward. Dempsey could not suppress a snigger of delight at himself as the ropes began to smoke. Strands gave way, and a small passage slowly was being opened. I am doing it! Just about ther- Dempsey thought happily, but he was once again disrupted. Nyda (he thought that was the savages name) had tackled him out of the way of a dozen arrows. Dempsey clung desperately clung to the Void, but it slipped away. "Finish it!" Nyda demanded.

He gave her a look of utmost helplessness, and before he could say a thing he was in the savages arms, her disgusting curves pressing against he portly stomach. She grunted with his weight, but ran straight through the seared ropes. They gave way, and they collapsed together on the other. Dempsey barely could suppress his breathing, grunting and groaning. The girl was atop him, and he could not suppress his disgust. Kicking her aside, he got to his feet. The Aiel was glaring at him terribly. Dempsey glanced at the sun, striking a heroic pose. "No need to thank me," he said with a nod.

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    One might not have thought it possible for a face as dark a tan as Nyda’s to turn four shades of red and purple in turn. Well, she defied logic. The entire six plus feet of Aiel shook like parched... more
    • No Need to Thank Me! (No...really...there isn't!) — Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sun Oct 22 04:49
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