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I have to hurry! the mock bond was blaring at him inside his head. It carried feelings of what he perceived to be fear, impatience and anger. Tain stepped around a corner, right into the path of an extremely large, extremely ugly Trolloc.

The beast roared gutturally at him and advanced on him without breaking its stride. In an instant Tain found himself at close quarters with the monstrosity, blocking and parrying every blow he could manage and dodging others. A flash of white-hot anger felt through the mock bond made him stumble slightly.

Light, bloody light! This woman is so distracting! Tain thought angrily, throwing himself into a roll as a scythe like sword slashed right through he had just been standing. He came up in Rahien’Val and advanced on the beast at a run, blocking the scythe like weapon with his own and cannoning into the monster with his shoulder, driving it back slightly.

With a flick of his wrist he sliced his own weapon through the throat of the image of the Trolloc, destroying it and having it disappear on him. Pausing momentarily he wiped the sweat out of his eyes, pulled a length of cord from behind his belt and throwing his head back, gathered his hair into a ponytail and bound it tightly.

I wont fail!

Tain turned the way he had been heading, before being attacked and began to advance down the corridor slowly. He had at first started off in a run but when a net, meant as trap, missed him by only a few inches, he had decided to slow himself down. That or risk failing before he had even reached the Accepted’s side. The bond he shared with the woman was amazing. He could roughly discern where the woman was, and could have pointed in her direction even in the centre of this maze. This of course did little good as knowing where she was and actually finding her were two completely different things. As he trotted through the eerily quiet hall, he began to whistle lowly. A sad tune rose from his lips to pierce the silence, a funeral tune he had picked up while on his travels from Altara to Tar Valon. He had fallen in love with the tune the first time he had heard it played, in a small village in Andor. He had actually stayed on three extra days in the village, pestering the musician to teach him the tune before he could move on. The woman put up a merry chase till he had figured out what it is she had been after. Tain smiled as the memories of that night came unbidden to his mind.

The moon hung high in the skies above, drenching the clearing in soft light. A soft, pleasantly warm breeze whispered through the trees above. The shadows moved through a stately dance across the crystalline surface of the lake, by which the clearing was situated. He stared out across the surface of the lake at the large silvery moon hanging above its surface and sighed contentedly. It felt just like home, sitting here with only the darkness to keep him company.

As he sat, he began to sing in a soft, but clear tone.

Though I have traveled far,
My heart remains at home!
Where each and every night,
My love waits for my return!

I have traveled far these past moons,
And I travel farther still!
Following my dreams like a shining star,
But my heart remains at home and always will!

I have dreamed of a life of travel,
Of adventure and the open road!
I have dreamed of my love these past nights,
And of my feelings left untold!

I have traveled far these past moons,
And I travel farther still!
Following my dreams like a shining star,
But my heart remains at home and it always will!

“Barely out of your home and you wish to go back?” a soft melodious voice drifted as if on a breeze, to his ears, as he finished his singing.

Tain stood slowly, still keeping his eyes firmly glued to the moon. “There is nothing for me back there now. I was just remembering the good times is all!” he did not bother to even turn to the woman, he knew who it was that stood behind him.

“You have a wife at home?” Marie was a pretty woman, with long golden hair and soft blue eyes in a pleasant heart shaped face, much of an age with himself.

“A wife?” Tain laughed slightly, shaking his head. “Sadly no! Im afraid I have never had much luck with women.”

“Yes, you have nothing any descent woman would look for!” Marie took a step forward, standing beside him, staring out across the lake.

“So blunt! But yes… you are right!” Tain turned slightly to study his new companion.

“I mean your not handsome, or strong and talented. Your not intelligent or gifted in anyway!” she turned her gaze from the lake to him and smiled up at him shyly, stepping closer to him. “And a pretty, little, defenseless girl like me, wouldn’t feel at all safe in such strong, muscular arms!” she ran her hand up his arm to his shoulder and, with little urging, turned him to face her. “It is cold!”

Tain wrapped his arms around her tightly, staring deeply into her eyes as he pulled her closer. This close he caught a faint hint of lavender, which mingled freely, with the pure clean scent that was this beautiful young woman he held tightly in his arms, to intoxicate his mind. He felt her move against him encouragingly. Her hands came up, tilting his head down to hers. Their lips met and the world drained away!

Tain shook his head vigorously, dragging himself back to the land of the living. Through the mock bond he felt some emotion he could not quite put his finger on. Unable to understand what it was the woman was feeling, he pushed it to the back of his mind and picked up the pace, practically dashing around the next corner. He found himself in a larger, longer corridor that before.

Yes! Im nearly there! he could feel Sorcha directly ahead of him. Now the real test begins! Where are you? Tain dashed forward, his eyes darting left and right. A movement in a shadow, off to his left, caught his eye. Ah, there you are! Lets dance!

Out of the shadows stepped something only seen in nightmares, something bred of nightmares. Tain had taken Shadowlore, he knew what it was stood before him.

“Myrddraal!” he slowed his advance till he stood, little more than ten paces, from the Fade. “So this is my first obstacle? So be it!” closing his eyes momentarily he emptied himself off all emotion in a flash, leaving himself calm and confident. Opening his eyes, he dropped into an aggressive stance. “The Light protects me, the Creator shelters me! I am ready. For the Light!” the last, a battle cry, as he threw himself forward and into the dance that would follow. I will not fail!

OOC: Hope this is okay Jer. If you cant post just tell me and I will work through the stages myself! I would have done my half of it all but... I didnt have the list of all the parts! :-( Am a fool!

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