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Icy obstacle
Tue Oct 24, 2006 09:06 (XFF:

Wan light reflected off the mirrored edges, glinting faintly in the false dawn. Celeste squinted at the crystalline structure. The massive, edged contraption sat right where Saidar insisted the gate ought to be. Except that there was no obvious way of ďopeningĒ the crystal gate.

Celeste stepped forward, focusing intently on the angular facets. Her blue witchlight bobbed closer as she peered into its reflective innards. Distorted images stared back at her, mirroring her narrowed, intent stare. Nothing was coming through Saidar at all. Suppressing the sensations of impatience radiating from Kat, the Accepted gingerly touched the crystal.

Fingers jerked back instantly, the biting cold cutting all the way to bone. Celeste suppressed the urge to curse in annoyance. Could it be that this last obstacle was so Ö mundane? On one hand, it was logically impossible but yet, on another, it was absurdly simple and not totally beyond what she would expect from some of the Sisters.

Strands of the Power flowed gently over the surface of the icy cube, probing lightly for anything strange. Still nothing. It seemed that the cube really was what it looked to be. Perhaps it was intentional after all. Celeste stepped back and shook her head. Silvery strands of hair drifted as she gathered herself mentally. Fatigue beat at her in the back of her mind, augmented by a similar sensation from Kat.

Blocking off the unwelcome feelings, the Accepted gathered her strength and breathed slowly as she channelled. Fire lanced at the block, a stream of orange separating slowly over the icy surface. The movement of the flow, though slow and measured, was an illusion. Fire was her weakest element, and weaving it in this state was taking far more effort than it normally would have cost her. For someone whose limit was a small fireball, a web was extremely taxing.

The ice responded initially, melting into water at a reasonable rate. Celeste had just begun to relax when the obstacle responded. The pool of water started shrinking as the Accepted felt her web being pushed upwards, even as the ice reformed before her eyes. Growling, she drew deeper into her reserves, pulling as much of the Power as she could to maintain the web.

The forces see-sawed for awhile, fire versus the re-forming ice. Eventually, Celeste surrendered. The web dissipated as she sat down. Hard. The motion more natural than she would have liked to admit. Kat settled down beside her, staring at the now totally reformed block of ice. The SeiíTar kept silent, understanding enough of the situation to hold her peace.

Thoughts raced through her mind as Celeste tried to think of a viable way to remove the icy block. Obviously it was not going to be a test of strength, not in her current state. It had to be something else. In a soft, drawn voice, she explained the situation simply to the SeiíTar. There was nothing to hide. Anyone of average strength in Fire would have cleared the block with ease but this could only be a tailored challenge to test her flexibility.

As they talked in low voices, Celeste found herself pleasantly surprised by Kat. While the SeiíTar knew nothing of the Power beyond the haziest concept, she did have enough experience to make sensible suggestions.

Finally, Celeste picked herself up. The little rest had helped somewhat. She felt a little fresher now. Besides, they had come up with a new idea that might potentially work. It was slow going, melting a small concentrated hole in the ice before filling it up with earth. Once that was done, Celeste would create a second hole.

Eventually, the Accepted managed to undermine the ice enough that sheer brute force from Kat was sufficient to remove the obstacle. Stumbling through the portal, Celeste and Kat joined the other successful trainees for a well deserved rest.

OOC: Apologies for the absolutely rotten post.... *hides in shame*

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