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Getting A Partner
Fri Dec 29, 2006 13:42 (XFF:

Soon enough they were readying themselves to be off. Some of the Trainees, and most of the Gaidin, had their own horse, but Kael did not have the luxury. Instead, he mounted a horse that belonged to the Training Grounds, and waited. After a moment, a Gateway split the air from nothingness, and as it widened, they were faced with what was undoubtedly the Borderlands inside the frame of the Gateway. They began their way through, and when it came time, Kael went through as well, making sure to keep well away from the sides of the Gateway. He had heard terrible stories about people that didn’t mind the edges of a Gateway.

Soon, however, he was sitting on top of the horse in the Borderlands. He looked around, trying to get in as much of the scenery as he could. He had never been any place like this before, and it intrigued him. He had heard about the Borderlands, but to see them for himself was a treat. He hadn’t thought that he would be getting a chance to travel in his time of training, but he wasn’t going to complain, especially since it was part of his training. It seemed strange, but that was the truth of it. They weren’t just going to be here, sitting on their hands. They were here to do something, but of course, whatever that was, he wasn’t sure of quite yet.

It wasn’t long before everyone, and thing, was through the Gateway, and the Aes Sedai closed it behind them. There was no going back now; not until the end of their tasks here. Kael was excited he realized, but about what, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t know what to expect here, but that seemed to quicken his pulse more than anything.

Finding a partner would be harder than it might seem, especially for him, since he didn’t really know anyone around him. Sure, he had seen their faces around before, but never had he really spoken to any of them. So, instead of seeking out anyone at the moment, he concentrated on putting up a tent. He knew that there would be someone to share the task later on, but right now, he was trying to go through the motions of setting it up, since he really had no experience with such a thing. That would probably seem ridiculous to some of those around him, who seemed to be experts as they put up their tents, mostly in pairs, but that didn’t bother him. He had lived most of his life in the inn that his parents owned, so there wasn’t much sense in learning how to set up a tent back then.

Of course, that might end up being a fairly bad thing for him, anyway.

Without warning, one of the sides of the tent appeared to collapse in on itself, but then just as suddenly, it seemed caught where it was. It took Kael a moment to notice that someone had grabbed it. A young man that Kael didn’t recognize looked around the tent over at him.

“Need some help?” The young man said, and Kael nodded, and the two of them quickly had the tent back up, and more stable then it had been in the first place, when Kael had been putting it up by his lonesome.

The young man came around, and looked Kael up and down, as if sizing him up. Kael could have been said to be doing the same, but Kael’s observation brought a different conclusion than the other young man’s.

“You’re a new one, aren’t you?” The young man asked, which by the lack of a dagger, Kael had placed him as an Aethan’Tar. He couldn’t place the young man’s nationality, though. Not that Kael was an expert on placing people, but it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen his share of different people through his time of working at the inn. The young man held out a hand to Kael. “My name is Stephan; I’m from an Aethan’Tar from Caemlyn. You’re a Domani, aren’t you?” ‘Aren’t you’ seemed to be the young man’s favorite phrase. Someone else might thing that he was trying to be an insufferable know-it-all, but Kael understood that it was probably just a normal speech pattern for the young man. Of course, there wasn’t much that bothered Kael.

“Yes, I’m from Arad Doman; from Bandar Eban to be more specific, but I spent most of my life in Whitebridge. The name’s Kael.” He said, taking the offered hand before giving it a shake.

“Whitebridge…I’ve been there before. It’s a nice town with great views. What was a Domani doing there most of his life, though?” The young man, Stephan, asked.

“My parents owned an inn there,” Kael said.

“Ah…so…it looks like we’re both in need of a partner, would it bother you if we just teamed up, and saved ourselves the trouble of finding others? I had a group of three friends, but I ended up being the odd one out.” Stephan laughed a little at that.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Kael said. “And you were right, I am a new Aethan’Tar.”

“I thought as much,” Stephan said. “Don’t worry, I’ve been here for a while, and I can teach you a few things, as well as introduce you to some of the others, if you want.”

Kael nodded, not being much of a talker, but not wanting to seem as if he wasn’t appreciative towards both of the offers. ‘That would be great,’ was what he said with that nod.

“Well, we’d best start on some chores before bed; don’t want the others around thinking that we’re slacking.” Stephan said, and both of them grinned before finding where they were needed most at this time. It wasn’t long before they were working, and it seemed not long after that that both of them were already in bed, falling quickly asleep. Kael knew that this trip would be exciting.

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