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Wood And Water
Fri Dec 29, 2006 14:25 (XFF:

The next morning began by dismantling the tent that he and Stephan had put up the night before. Like most things, it seemed easier to take apart the tent than it had been to set it up. Not that Kael was complaining. He enjoyed this; it was a new experience for him, and one he would not soon forget. After they had finished with the tent, he and Stephan began on their way, to see what chores could still take four more hands. It was soon apparent that in the other Trainees’ glee to get out and search for food, there was a lot of wood that needed to be chopped, so it could be used for the fires. Someone had already taken it upon themselves to bring the wood nearer to the camp, but they had left the task of making it into usable sizes to someone else.

Both he and Stephan went to grab an axe, so that they could begin. Kael had chopped wood many times before, and although it wasn’t his favorite thing to do, it was a good way to get some exercise, and not to mention build strength will not having to spend your time doing other things. And the promise of a warm fire after the wood was finished as good of an incentive as any he could think of, guarding a warm bath. But didn’t a warm bath require the wood, so that they fire could heat the water. As those thoughts ran through his head, he smiled, and worked on his pile of wood.

Soon, sweat was running down his forehead, down his nose, to drip to the ground, and he knew it was time for a break, less he wanted to strain himself, and then he would be no help to anyone here. Stephan had taken a break a few minutes before Kael had, and he was still sitting there, breathing heavily, and Kael knew then that he wasn’t used to chopping wood. Kael grinned slightly, and looked over at him.

“Who chopped the wood in your family?” Kael asked, and his grin widened slightly at his fellow Aethan’Tar’s answer.

“My older brothers. They were much better with an axe. I was always better with a bow for hunting, or a knife for cooking, than I ever was with an axe for chopping. I guess that I had forgotten just how hard of work it is.” Stephan gave a bit of a strained laugh before standing once again, determined not to be outdone by Kael, who just grinned at his partner’s insistence at getting the wood chopped.

“We don’t have to get it all done, you know. There are plenty of others that can take it up sooner than not, and we can begin working on some other chore. We need more than just wood, you know.” Kael said, standing, taking up the axe again.

“I know,” Stephan said, “but the more we get done here, the less others have to do, and they might be thanking us later.”

It was Kael’s turn to laugh then. “You can only hope!” He continued chopping, ignoring the sudden protests in his muscles. “Just don’t strain yourself, or else you won’t be of any use to anyone!” He brought the axe down, splitting a piece of wood, as if to emphasize his point.

They both grinned before going back to work.

Midday came not soon enough for the two of them, and it found them lying down, their arms feeling as useless as a heavy wool cloak on a warm summer day. They looked at each other, and had a bit of a laugh.

“What were you saying about not straining yourself?” Stephan asked him, and Kael grinned, and Stephan matched that soon after seeing his.

“I was just trying to keep up with you, you Light-cursed fool.” Kael retorted, and Stephan laughed.

“I was trying not be outdone by you, you stubborn fool.” It was Kael’s turn to laugh this time.

“We’re both fools!” Kael announced, and that set them to laughing again. However, they couldn’t just lie there all day; they probably looked like a couple of lazy ruffians as it was. Slowly, he tried to get his body to respond to the commands that it needed to be able to get to a sitting position, and after he finally got to that, a standing position. Even though Kael was sure he looked just as foolish, he couldn’t help but grin at the antics of Stephan, as he tried to get up as well. It may have taken them longer than usual, but they were finally able to get up.

“That…was so was it…?” Stephan said, breathing heavily, as if he had just run a race.

“Yeah…no problem…at all….” Kael said, making a grin, knowing that he was breathing just as heavy from the effort.

“No training today, I gather,” Stephan said, finally getting back to regular speech.

“Not unless you truly mean to kill us both,” Kael said with a grin, “At least, not until tonight, if we ever have a chance to rest our arm muscles.”

“Well…we could go gather some water. Sure, it takes arm muscles to carry it, but at least then our legs will be just as tired as the rest of us,” Stephan replied.

“You’re a busybody, you know that, right?” Kael said, grabbing a few containers for the water they were going to bringing back, and Stephan did the same.

“Not so much; I just don’t want to seem lazy.” Stephan said. “Besides, this will help build endurance.”

“It will either build endurance, or it will kill the two of us!” Kael said as they began on their way, and that gained a laugh from Stephan.

“Oh, it is not so bad. I’ve felt like this after training before, and the next time I awoke, I felt fine. Of course, that might have been because I was out for a day and a half!” Kael laughed at that, but secretly hoped his fellow Aethan’Tar was joking. They really could not risk being out for a day and a half. Stephan seemed to notice his unease, and spoke to him with a clasp on his shoulder. “No worries, Kael, I was only joking.”

Kael nodded, and they continued on their way. They asked some fellow Trainees who were carrying water back to the camp where they had found it. With that information, the two of them made their way to the water, to fill up the skins. The work could have been much worse.

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