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Crael Kantar
Home in the country and home in the company
Sat Dec 30, 2006 13:56 (XFF:

Crael smiled, he took another deep breath and his smile grew. He felt at peace here, almost at home. He squeezed Brutus’ flanks lightly to urge the horse on from the gateway to allow other through. Once he was out the way he took a more detailed look around him trying to decide if he knew where he was. During his time in the lancers he had been sent into many of the borderland kingdoms. The battle was the same and the Borderland nations freely shared military resources Crael’s unit had been stationed in Kandor and Saldea during his time before he left for the Tower and he thought he had a brief recognition of this place.

As a scout it had been his job to know exactly where his unit was and where it was going wherever it was and he wrestled with his brain for the name of the place that he had emerged into. He grinned and patted Brutus’ neck, Podian He remembered this place well now that he had the name, his unit had been stranded here for a week or more when they had got caught up in a major snow storm. He remembered that the people had been kind and accommodating; they had been welcomed into people’s homes when they had been preparing to pitch their tents on the village green.

Those were fond memories and he looked out on the frost covered landscape with a smile on his lips as he squeezed Brutus’ sides to urge him away from the gateway to allow others through behind him. Still smiling he gave Brutus’ a harder squeeze as he urged the big horse to catch up with the man in front of him whom had carried on regardless of Crael’s musings. He pulled back slightly as he quickly caught up, no use going haring off past his original place in the line, he had no idea where they were stopping even if he did know the area, plus there was no point in letting his eager mount tire himself out, Crael guessed that whatever they were here for would be tiring enough for the both of them.

Crael was right, after a relatively short ride in a direction that he knew would bring them closer to Podian itself the walls of the borderland town came into sight. High walls which Crael recognised for their defensive purpose, Podian wasn’t far enough from the Blight Border to be immune from Trolloc raids though if he remembered correctly it hadn’t suffered a raid in years. If trollocs were sighted the villagers and farmers from nearby would all crowd together within the walls while a messenger on a fast horse and a homing pigeon were sent for help.

Same story everywhere along the blight, death is just around the corner when a trolloc fist comes knocking. An image of a snarling, bestial face flashed across his vision and he closed his eyes and shook his head to rid himself of the memories that seemed to haunt him more and more the closer he got to the Blight. As he pulled Brutus into the makeshift camp that was already appearing in a field some few leagues south of the town he hoped that maybe whatever they were doing here so close to the Blight would allow him to at last put the ghosts of his past to rest and in so doing free his nights from the dreams that left him covered in cold sweat.

Crael surveyed they layout of the slowly emerging camp as he stood in the stirrups for a better view, he spotted the makeshift stabling point taking shape on the far side of the camp. He nodded to himself and sitting back down into the saddle urged Brutus into a walk along the newly formed streets of the fledgling camp in the direction of the paddock. Finally turning the last the corner he smiled to see how few horses were in the paddock before Brutus. He looked around searching for the best place for shade and shelter that he could leave his faithful mount in, he spotted a likely spot in the corner where the overhang of a supply tent provided shade from the sun and shelter from the cold wind.

Crael heaved the lance up in his grip as he swung his left leg out of the stirrup and over Brutus’ flanks so that he landed in the frozen earth in perfect timing to catch the lance against his chest as it came back down. He turned and slowly led Brutus over to the spot that he had picked for the big warhorse. Quickly he leaned the lance against the hastily erected but firm looking fence as he looped Brutus reins over the same fence while commanding the big horse to stand. The young Shienaran looked the big horse over and sighed, although he was glad that whatever they were doing here appeared to allow them a break to set up camp and sleep he was now faced with the prospect of getting Brutus out of the barding and then himself out of his mail. He shrugged, then grinned, “Just like old time eh Brutus, back in the lances again!” He smiled to himself at the memories, his old life had been hard but there had been good times, good times. He took a deep breath taking in the cold air deep into his lungs.

Quickly he started to go about his task untying the strong leather ties that held the barding on his companion, the heavy steel armour slowly coming off piece by piece to be tidily stacked against the fence in reverse order so it could be put back on with as little lost time as possible, some habits die hard especially when they’re the ones meant to stop you and others from dying. As he relieved Brutus of the barding he rubbed the horse’s flanks down with a brush easing the heavy muscles underneath the hide, he also hid the knives that had been secreted about the barding inside the pile against the fence, there was no way he could disguise anymore on himself, his sleeves already contained two as did his boots and the bandoleer across his chest was full. He couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty at this his first knowing breaking of rules since coming to the White Tower but training in the lances and his own intuition wouldn’t allow him anywhere near the borderlands without a weapon, he’d felt almost naked without them at the Tower. When he had been a lancer he had always had several weapons on or near him, although his skill with the traditional Shienaran broadsword was sadly lacking he had always carried one, and an axe as well as his knives, a bow and his quarterstaff. Coming to the Tower and having all of these taken from him apart from the staff made him feel incredibly vulnerable, hence his retrieval of his bandoleer and dirks from where he had hidden them in Brutus’ stable before this trip.

Finished Crael smiled, Brutus was now shined and clean, he on the other hand was sweating and dusty after the trip and he was still wearing his mail hauberk and half plate on his legs. He sighed again sorrow slipping into it slightly, when he had been in the lancers he would have worn a full suit, breast plate, helmet, and shield with Lord Algemar’s three foxes emblazoned on the front. All he had left was that which he hadn’t felt too guilty in taking when he fled, he had abandoned the shield, the breastplate and half plate for his shoulders and arms, taking only his mail hauberk, his steel backed gloves and the full steel ones that were in his saddle bags and the half plate that covered his legs. He missed the full set though, not because of the protection it offered he would fight with or without armour if the need arose, no what he missed was the sense of belonging that it offered him, he was a lancer no more, nor was he a Warder so to what did he belong? An idea struck him and he rooted through his saddlebags for the pouch that contained his money, finding it he opened it and poured its contents into the palm of his hand.

Despite having very little money when he had finally reached Tar Valon almost a year ago his fortunes had increased dramatically through his patient playing of the odds at dice or cards as well as betting on horses, with his judge of horseflesh he generally came out on top when it came to the races. Now sitting in his palm was the majority of his savings which included currencies from all over the place, there were a few cold pieces from Illian, some more from Andor and still more from Tear. Most of it bore the Tar Valon flame and in all Crael reckoned he had enough for what he had in mind. He smiled again, the anxiety and awkwardness of his feelings and homelessness was pushed back, at least for now as he saw a solution to at least part of the problem. He would try and find an armourer or capable seeming blacksmith in Podian if trainees were allowed to visit the town, if he remembered properly there was at least one smith who had been selling Sheinaran style armour when he had last come through.

Crael smiled again as he gave Brutus one last pat to the glossy flanks before he strode from the paddock to find a gaidin to instruct him in what to do. As he searched through the emerging camp, past large comfortable looking tents obviously meant for the Aes Sedai and rougher, more serviceable tents meant for storage or servants, there was also a large empty section where he noticed some of his fellow trainees who hadn’t taken care of their own mounts were putting up their own tents in pairs. Looks like that’s what I’ll be up to soon enough. Light I hope I get a likeminded partner so I don’t have to hide all these knives from him. Crael looked around the open square that he had found himself in and finally found a group of trainees surrounding an almost overwhelmed Gaidin who looked to be Saldean if Crael was any judge, strange how it seems almost all those trainees or Gaidin who are borderlanders have come on this expedition.

Crael strode over to the group his hauberk chinking as he walked. Finally he reached the group and stopped right at the back not wanting to force his way through the group, his Shienaran manners were still at the forefront of his actions as he had been taught was proper. Besides his height meant that he could see clearly and even through the busy din of the unpacking going on around them he could still hear the Gaidin pairing them up and giving out his instructions. Crael took it in hearing the Saldean warrior’s orders, “You will all pair up, same sex pairs ladies and gents we don’t want any mucking about, you are here representing the Tower and the Amrylin Seat and you will see to it that you give a good impression.” The man paused to gauge if his words had sunken as he looked around at the nodding heads. He nodded himself before going on, “Your training will continue tomorrow as usual, you will spar and be taught as much about the Blight as you can take in and you had better learn it well as someday your life or more importantly that of the Aes Sedai that you’re guarding may hinge on what you remember. You will also have to fend for yourselves, catching and cooking your own food, think of it as a practice for the time when we finally deem you good enough not to hurt yourself with your weapons and let you outside Tar Valon on your own again!” The Warder chuckled at this, “Right! What are you waiting for?! Pair up and see to your tents, then you’ll need to get a move on hunting if you want to eat tonight!”

Crael’s fist hit his chest as he bowed to the Gaidin, “Honour to serve Gaidin, it will be as you say.” He noted as he rose from his bow another man, another Shienaran by the top knot that he still wore rising from a similar bow. Crael’s hand brushed his own hair, the top knot long since gone, almost a year now. He turned to the man as he obviously searched for a likely partner, Crael bowed again, “Suravye ninto manshima taishite, Peace favour your sword, my name is Crael Kantar once of the Shienaran lancers, may I have the honour of paring myself with you for the duration of this expedition?” The man replied with a smile on his face, perhaps happy to meet another fellow Shienaran so far from home.

”Ninte calichniye no domashita Kantar, Your welcome warms me Crael I too would be honoured to share your company for this expedition, it is good to see a fellow Shienaran again, I have been gone so long that I had forgotten what the tongue of home sounded like! My name is Kaleb, Kaleb Lathel.” He rose from his bow at the same time as Crael and they both grasped each other’s wrists in a soldier’s handshake. “Now Crael, I suggest we find a tent and pitch before this eager lot get the best of both and we’re left with the tent full of a holes and the pitch which floods!”

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