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Tianna Ithami, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah (MuC)
To bond a warrior...
Sun Dec 31, 2006 08:46 (XFF:

As Tal walked away from her, Tianna started trembling. She sat down on the log that Tal had been resting on when she'd found him and clenched her hands together to stop them shaking. Asides from being Raised, that was the most frightening thing I have ever done! Light, what would I have done if he'd said no? She concentrated on calming her breathing, one of her mediation exercises coming to the fore. As she relaxed she thought about her planning for this day – and also for what she intended to do when they returned to the Tower.

She had been a Novice for about two years when Tal had arrived at the Tower and had not noticed him at all, asides from the cursory glance at the lanky boy training in the Yards with the other Gaidin. Soon afterwards as he progressed towards Sei'Tar, she had noticed a Green sister paying more than a cursory bit of attention to Tal, and rumours had abounded about the Ebou Dari Yellow and the Sheinarin Aethan'Tar. The pair of them had a stormy relationship which ended suddenly when Tal left the Tower for a trip back top his home in Sheinar. Remembering the moment when she realised that her habit of tracking him down when he returned was getting out of hand, she'd had to take a step back and concentrate on her studies to take her mind off him. It worked for a while, but she still caught herself rising at dawn and watching the Yards from one of the Tower windows.

He was the epitome of a Warder. Hard as stone, as watchful as a wolf and there was something terribly feral and animalistic about him. Talking with him was unnervingly like having a conversation with someone who could tear you to pieces if the desire took him – not that the procedure would cause him much effort in her case. She stood at just under one and a half metres tall, and he towered over a full half meter taller than her. His scalplock and scars just added to the hint of exoticness about him. His frame was lean and hard, broad shouldered and narrow hipped – a swordsman's body, her mother would have said. He was good with a blade – she knew that from the comments made by other Warders and Gaidin watching the Training Yards – no Blademaster yet, but a phenomenal endurance, coupled with a sound awareness of his surroundings and speed of hand gave him a large advantage over some Gaidin from a more sheltered upbringing – although any man or woman who gained that title would be a hard match for anyone.

I did it though! I bonded him! She exulted in her mind, tightly wrapping the conciousness that was Tal away from it. The feelings of pain, mostly emotional that had poured through the bond when she linked with hi m were with her still. Every last hurt, every detail of the things that had shaped him, he carried with him still. He was who he was because that was how he was raised. To set a woman above everything and an Aes Sedai above that still, yet a deep seated resentment of being manipulated still swirled about in his mind. And under it all, far more terrifying to her, was the deep, roiling cauldron of anger and rage that bubbling beneath the hard faced exterior.

She sensed him returning and schooled her face to calmness. He said not a word as he raised a tripod over the fire, filled a kettle with water and swung it over the fire to boil before setting up her tent. His movements were tense and sure, displaying an economy of movement she had seen as a small girl when watching the household cats. By the time he'd finished setting up her tent and making a bed of branches and moss, the kettle was boiling. She stared as he made her tea, just as she liked it.

“How did you know how I liked my tea, Talocan Gaidin?” The warrior rocked back on his heels after giving her the cup and looked her straight in the eye, his green eyes twinkling with what could be humour as he did so. “Would you like me to say that I knew from the bond? No, I asked the Aes Sedai by the mules if she knew how you liked your tea – it would appear she was right then.”

Tianna found this admission so amusing that she burst into giggles. She HAD expected him to be mysterious and give her some meaningful answer about the way she dressed and moved telling him how she liked her drink. Instead he'd simply asked someone. “How very practical, my Gaidin. Well, my tent is set up, what would you care to do now?”

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