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Food And Talk
Sun Dec 31, 2006 13:07 (XFF:

Setting up the tent that night was harder than it had been the first, the two of them sore all over from the work. But, instead of being sour about it, they were both still in good spirits. They joked that the tent was liable to collapse on them in the night, before they got into their tents, and were asleep before their heads finished laying down. They were exhausted, and needed all the sleep that they could get. They hadn’t had time nor the strength to train later that day, but no one seemed to notice the two of them missing from said activity.

It had probably taken them twice as long to get the water back to the camp as it did anyone else that had taken on that job. They had made it back, and that was what mattered. It also seemed as if no one really took notice that such an amount of the wood had been chopped. Those that found it probably thought that a bunch of different Trainees had worked on it, but neither of them cared. They just wished for sleep, not praise.

They had joked about the tent collapsing in the middle of the night; they did not think it actually would. They awoke, covered in the cloth of the tent, and had to make their way to the exit. It was almost akin to swimming, and they had felt as if they were drowning in the sea of cloth around them. They were finally able to make their way out of it, sore muscles and all. Slowly, they made their efforts to get the tent set up once more, glad that it seemed no one else had noticed. They gladly when back to their dreams once the tent was back in place; collapsing much akin to what the tent had done earlier when they got inside.

In his sleep, he was troubled, but whatever shadows had haunted his dreams were gone from his memory by morning, as if they were nothing more than wisps of smoke slipping through his fingers.

They had agreed earlier that Kael would take care of the cooking, as long as Stephan was able to stand up to his word on catching the food. Kael had really no experience with hunting, and it was decided that he had vastly more experience with cooking, since he had lived in the inn for most of his life. Not that that had been his job at the inn, but it was not something that was new to him, as it seemed it would be for Stephan. As Stephan had said jokingly before he had gone out hunting, at least they’d be able to keep down Kael’s cooking, whereas he doubted that fact about his own. Kael had gladly stayed behind, waiting to clean and cook whatever meat Stephan was able to find. However, an inkling came to him that maybe he should try and gather things to go with it. That urge quickly passed, and Kael sat there, and waited.

There had been no more incidents the night before, and although they were sore, and not as well rested if they would have liked, the continued with their chores. Some of the others around them seemed as if they had gotten less sleep, but practically everyone was still in good humor. That was probably the best thing to see, because it would not do to have anyone on a bad mood here. It was one thing back at the Training Grounds, where they could get time alone, and a whole other thing here out in the camp, where going off by yourself could get you lost.

It was late morning when Stephan came back with two rabbits, looking proud. That was when Kael’s job began. He skinned and gutted the rabbits, cleaning them, before putting them on sticks to roast over the small fire he had going from some of the wood they had chopped the day before. When they were done, they both took the rabbits happily, munching on them as they spoke.

“We should probably do some training after this….” Stephan said, pausing to take a bite.

Kael nodded in agreement. “I don’t know about you, but I’m in need of it, even if my body doesn’t think it wants it.” They both grinned slightly, knowing the ache of their muscles almost like an old friend now.

“Perhaps after that was could go into that town…. What is it called? Podian?” Stephan said. “It’s a pity that we can’t get something to drink; we’d soon forget our aches, but I’m not willing to try to sneak a drink behind the Head Gaidin’s back. I don’t want to be punished; especially on this little adventure.”

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be worth it,” Kael agreed. He took another bite of the rabbit, savoring it. A trip to the town would be nice. He had been surprised when the Head Gaidin had given them leave to go there, but it was a welcome surprise.

“I’ll talk to some of my friends; see if they want to come along, and we could all go together. That way you can all be introduced,” Stephan said, finishing off his rabbit as Kael did a few moments later. For a moment Stephan sat there, enjoying the rest, before speaking up, “Now, we’re off to go training.”

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