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Sun Dec 31, 2006 13:46 (XFF:

“Hold your sword looser!” Stephan told him, as Kael bent to retrieve the practice weapon from the ground for what seemed like the hundredth time. The Gaidin were still watching over them spar, true, but they had seen that Stephan had already taken it upon himself to tell Kael his faults, so they were mostly silent, except for when either Stephan failed to correct something, or if he made a mistake himself. He was still just an Aethan’Tar, and with that came the fact that he was still training as well, and even with his experience, he did not know all the faults, as the Gaidin did.

Whereas most people would probably be getting annoyed, both by the corrections they were being given, and being defeated so many times, Kael understood that he needed these things, and didn’t voice a complaint. Of course, his hand was sore from Stephan hitting it so many times, and if he was to say anything, it would be about the pain in his hand, not the lessons he was learning. So, instead of saying anything, he just continued on, even though his hand throbbed in protest.

He tried grasping the hilt a little looser, as Stephan had said, but he feared that he would drop it. Stephan seemed to notice his distress, and spoke up again.

“It won’t feel right for a while, but you’ll be glad if you do that now, rather than having to unlearn it later in your training, believe me.” Stephan seemed to be speaking from experience, and Kael readily believed him, not wishing to doubt the words of his newfound friend.

Stephan had spoken to his comrades earlier, before they had begun training, and they had made plans to go explore the town, Podian, tomorrows, after midday. That way, they could get some training in the morning before they were off. They would be a group of four, and perhaps some others as Stephan’s friends went to go speak with others, but the four would be fine with Kael. Kael hadn’t spoken to them, nor had he been there when Stephan had spoken to them, so he had heard this from Stephan before the beginning of their spar. Kael had no reason to doubt what Stephan said, and those thoughts had went to the back of his mind as they had begun swinging the practice swords. Kael had nothing to show in the way of good form in his slashes and parries, and even Stephan lacked the smoothness of others he had seen training, but Kael didn’t let that bother him. There would be other things to think about at this time, and even if he didn’t have perfected form, there were other things that could help you in a fight; imagination, for example. Of course, it was always better to have some kind of fighting style to work with, rather than relying purely on spontaneity. Not only that, Kael was sure that the Gaidin would not appreciate Aethan’Tar not learning the style they were being taught.

Pain shocked his hand as an unseen attack smacked across it, making him drop his practice sword again.

“You’re letting your mind wander; not a good thing,” Stephan said with a grin, waiting for him to pick up his sword again.

“I swear you’re taking some sick pleasure in this….” Kael said, also grinning.

“I’m getting practice, because when I become a Sei’Tar, I’ll have a train a bunch of you new Aethan’Tar.” Stephan said. “And anyhow, what better way to teach a lesson than to be not ruthless, but not easy either? Sure, your hand will be sore for a little while, but there will be no lasting damage. And the lessons will stay ingrained in your mind. I haven’t had to repeat myself yet, have I?”

Kael retrieved the practice sword, and couldn’t help but agree with Stephan. That didn’t mean he had to enjoy his hand being the angry red that it was. “You have a point there….” Kieran admitted. It wasn’t only his hand that stung, but the parts of his body that Stephan had managed to hit. At least, with the more sensitive parts, mainly Kael’s skull, he had only tapped with the practice sword lightly, rather than attacking it with the force he had behind many of his other blows. Like he had known earlier, Stephan was experienced with this weapon, but it wasn’t only that, Kael noticed know; Stephan also had very good control over his own movements.

“Try not to let your mind wander this time; stay in sync with what your body is doing, and how you can avoid my practice sword. I’m sorry to admit, that if this were a real sword, you would have been dead many times over, my friend.” Kael nodded at that, knowing if for truth.

So they continued, sweat running down the both of them as they fought. Corrections were called out to both of them, but mostly to Kael. His feet weren’t aligned correctly, or he was leaning too far forward. His practice sword was held too high, or too low, or too much to one side. Each time a correction was aimed at him, Kael did his best to correct it, even though it was harder than it might seem. Smaller adjustments now, the little things make a big difference. Change your grip slightly, you’re hands are too close together. Stand more on the balls of your feet, rather than sitting back on your heels. Move into the attack, rather than just standing still.

Near the end of their sparring, Kael was able to get an attack to hit Stephan in the arm, but that left his defense open, and Stephan was able to attack him.

“Don’t leave your defense open like that,” Stephan said, as Kael tried to regain the breath that had been knocked out of him by the blow.

The spar was over; the Gaidin gave them leave to go, for now.

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