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A Walk In The Town And What Is To Come
Sun Dec 31, 2006 19:05 (XFF:

Both he and Stephan were able to have a good nightís rest that evening and early morning, without any tent collapses. Before they had both gotten to sleep, Stephan had apologized for the pain he had inflicted upon Kael with the practice swords because they pained him, but not because they werenít going to help him learn what he had been doing wrong. Kael had understood, and accepted the apologies without restraint. He had understood, even if he knew that he would have fairly painful bruises on the morrow.

The next morning when they had both been up for a little while, and had already broken fast, they made their way to get practice swords, to get in some sparring before they left for the town with Stephanís other friends. The sparring went a little better than they had yesterday, for Kael at least. He had less things that the Gaidin and Stephan believed he needed to improve upon, at least as far as form went. He was even able to give Stephan a few bruises by the end of the spar, but not without gaining a more of his own. Even with that, they were both in good spirits as they left their practice swords with the Gaidin, and made their way to meet up with Stephanís group to go explore the town.

It was only going to be the four of them in that group for this trip, since Stephanís friends werenít able to convince more of their comrades to come along. Perhaps that was a good thing, because if there was a larger group, they were more likely to get into trouble, or have someone in the group that wanted to test the Head Gaidinís rule of no drink.

Stephan introduced Kael to the other two, and they shook hands. First, there was Thomas, who was from Andor, just like Stephan, and claimed to be very proficient with the bow, which both Stephan and the other young man agreed with, having seen his skills. The other was Anton, a young man with a fondness for axes from Ghealdan. They all shook hands, and then they were off to Podian.

Stephan joked with Thomas and Anton about some others that Kael didnít know, and so for a little while, he felt like he was being left out, but it wasnít long before the topics changed. They spoke on things ranging from food, to their childhood, to girls. None of them were over two and twenty, with Anton being the oldest at twenty one, and Thomas the youngest, by six months, since he would turn eighteen next month, but Kael had turned eighteen a few months ago. Stephan turned out to be twenty, and not quite a year younger than Anton. Thomas boasted about his luck with the girls, but Stephan whispered to Kael that Thomas hadnít so much as kissed a few in his years, and Anton overheard, getting the three of them grinning, and Thomas being left out. When it came to his turn to speak, he mentioned Lynne, the girl that worked as a barmaid in his parentsí inn, and how he had asked her to marry him.

The others appeared shocked for a moment, before they begun joking with him. They poked fun at him, wondering how he could even get a girl with how he looked. He retorted that at least he looked better than Thomas, and that got all four of them laughing soon enough. The banter continued from there, picking about as many topics as their speech had. All of their sides hurt from laughing so hard, and for a break, they looked at the town that they had entered. It might have different from the towns that they had all grown up in, but there really werenít that many surprises that Podian held that they hadnít seen before. True, it was more like a fortress rather than a true town, but if one didnít dwell on that, it was a normal town. The people were a little more solemn, knowing the hard parts of life better than they did, but that didnít mean that they were unkind. They were each willing to help the four AethaníTar if they asked.

Stephan, being kind to all of them, bought their midday meal, but he didnít break the Head Gaidinís rule, even though the innkeeper offered them fine drinks. He almost seemed offended, but after they had explained, he seemed to lose his offense, and brought them some non-alcoholic drinks. Thomas was probably the most disappointed about the no drink rule out of the four of them. Of course, their disappointment ranged from the uncaring of Kael, to the speak of the unkind ruling that Thomas spoke about before Anton and Stephan quieted him. They finally understood that Thomas had not been so lucky as to be able to drink much, except at the occasional festival, and that set the other three into another bout of laughter.

After they finished their meals, Stephan paid the innkeeper, and they looked through the town a little longer. They decided after about an hour that they were ready to get back to the camp, since they were ogling over the weapons that none of them could buy, since they were still only AethaníTar, and they would be taken away until they were SeiíTar. They arrived back at camp, and split off into partners again, Kael with Stephan, and Thomas with Anton. That was the last that Kael spoke to them until a few days later.

He and Stephan began working on chores once they got back, not wanting to waste more time. They were in much better shape than they had been for the last few days. The little bit of free time had been good for them, and probably for all of them. Everyone needed a break to enjoy themselves at some point. Kael was glad that they had made that trip, and made new friends.

The next day passed without much incident. They went through a routine of chores, taking down their tent after they awoke, cooking their meals, chopping more wood, and later they trained for a while. Later, when night came, it was time once again to set up their tents. There was nothing outstanding about their fourth day that hadnít occurred the previous three days. They finished their chores, and even in the training there wasnít much else happening. Although Kael was learning from his mistakes, he still made many, and some of them were ones he had made before, because his instincts were taking over what he had learned. Kael was able to add to Stephanís bruises by the force of the practice sword, but there were many more that Stephanís practice sword gave to Kael.

They both slept soundly, not knowing what was to come the next day. Even though they were in the Borderlands, neither of them would have guessed what was to come. It would be both exciting and frightening. They would have to rely on each other, but Kael would have to rely more on Stephan. They awoke to a sense of alarm that filled the camp.

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