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Sun Dec 31, 2006 21:02 (XFF:

The battle was overÖKael couldnít believe it. Breathing hurt, he realized then. That wasnít the only hurt; many cuts on his body stung, but none of them were near as painful as the pain he felt each time he took a breath. He had broken ribs, he was sure of it. He couldnít recall just how it had happened, however. He tried not to think on it as he looked around. He knew he should feel sick, or frightened, but a strange sense of numbness had filled him as he surveyed what had been the battle ground. The Trollocs lay dead or dying. Some of the people that had come off without so many wounds made rounds, making a quick death for all the Trollocs that still clung to life. They not only did that, they also took care of the struggling horses, which would not survive, and to quiet their screams. Kael turned away, not wishing to watch any more slaughter, but felt the relief of not having to listen to the shrieks from the wounded horses. Those sounds had been grating on what was left of his nerves, just like it was undoubtedly doing to those around him.

He looked around for familiar faces. He found Stephan soon enough. He looked pale, if not a little green, and there were bloodstains all over him. Whether it was Stephanís, or someone, or something, elseís, he did not know, nor did he wish to. Farther off, he saw Thomas with Anton, Antonís arm was at a strange angle, and they were making their way towards an Aes Sedai, to get Healed. The more seriously wounded were getting treated by the Aes Sedai, whereas those with more minor wounds were left for now, so they would not tire the Aes Sedai with small things. Some of those that knew their herbs were passing them out to those the Aes Sedai would be seeing later, if they had the energy. The last thing that they needed was to tired Aes Sedai, because they would be making the Gateway that would take them home; to the Training Grounds, Kael called them home, even though heíd been there only a short while.

As he continued looking around, he saw some of their number on the ground, unmoving, but not as many as one might expect with the number of Trollocs that lay there. Kael wasnít a judge of the number of casualties expected in a battle such as this, but he was sure it was not the worst they had seen. Anyone lost from their number was counted as a loss, to be sure, but there were so many more that could have fallen. Stephan looked around, and sometimes would walk towards one of the bodies, as if he knew them. Kael could tell by the pained look on his fellow AethaníTarís face that he had known some of them. Perhaps Kael was fortunate to not have known many of those that had come on this assignment with them; he had no friends to grieve for personally. He would still grieve over the loss of life, but there was no one that affected him personally, and he didnít know whether he should be glad about that or not. Who would have mourned his death here? Yes, he knew that Stephan would, and probably Anton and Thomas, but who other than that? He didnít know anyone else, except by face, and he was sure that fewer would remember him.

The joy and excitement that he had felt earlier about this trip and he knew that it would be a silent, mournful night. He only wished now to get back to the Training Grounds, and leave this field of death behind them. He was sure that others felt the same. Like the Head Gaidin had said, this had the first battle for many of them. However, for others, it wasnít. How could people bring themselves to play this deadly game more than once? Kael believed that it would not be something that he would ever understand. Yet, some people did. They either liked the thrill that the battles gave them, or they hated these monsters so much that they would rather risk their lives to see them dead than let them live and terrorize others. Kael hoped that it was the later reason that people went to battles like this. Of course, there were still the facts of duty, and responsibility, and only a coward would leave those behind, but maybe they were more intelligent than others gave them credit for. Or else they were the biggest fools that ever walked on the Creators land.

He realized then that Stephan was speaking to him, his voice somewhat muted for some reason Kael didnít know. His joking smile was gone. He asked after how he was feeling; if he required a Healing. Kael didnít answer, and instead went over to Stephan, clapping the man on the shoulder, and they both made their way over the Aes Sedai, to be examined. Kael did not wish to worry his friend with his fear that he had broken ribs. After they had been looked over, it was determined that Kael had only been bruised on his ribs, rather than actually breaking any, and Stephan had only some fairly shallow cuts, except one nasty looking one on his non-dominant arm, which the Aes Sedai Healed. With that, they went to get some herbs for their other hurts. They slowly went to where the others had gathered, trying to take comfort in numbers, and none of them spoke more than the occasional word. Was there really anything to say? They understood without speaking what this had done to each of them; the pain, the shock, and most of all, the mourning of their loses. What could any of them say that would help them any more than just being there? So, they just sat there, and waited for what would come now.

OOC: By my count, I got 9,000 words, though I don't know how. XD I hope it isn't sucky, and that I didn't miscount.

  • Into The BattleKael Zesiro, Aethan'Tar, Sun Dec 31 20:59
    A daunting feeling of panic could be sensed underneath the forced calm that was over Kael and Stephan. This would be their first battle, as the Head Gaidin said it would be for many of them. The two... more
    • Afterwards — Kael Zesiro, Aethan'Tar, Sun Dec 31 21:02
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