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Idiot Number One
Fri Jan 19, 2007 15:08 (XFF:

The fresh and pungent odor perpetrated the Aielwoman nostrils as she approached the designated stable for this 'Horse' lesson. Now, grant it, Nyda herself had nothing against the scent of manure. In the Three-Fold Land it had been an optimum means of warmth during the harsh cold nights and it had never bothered her any more than the overly fragment flowers found in the wet landers bothered its natives. But this was different. The distinctive smell of horse did not phase her, however, the fact that she might be mounted on the before mentioned sent a weary prickle racing down Nyda's back. Her first and only experience on one of the hardheaded flea-bitten beasts had been on her hasty escapade to the tower a good few years ago. That had left her bowlegged and unable to sit for a week (who knew you weren't supposed to try and sit firmly in the saddle at a trot?).

No, horses were half-crazed mammals of inferior intelligence and left one out of one hundred percent control once on their backs. Nyda preferred her own two feet; they were faster, more agile, knew what she wanted of them, and would surefire respond to her wishes. Horses were unpredictable, slow, left pains in places she rather not talk about, and in the end probably would win against you if they got it in their head to be rebellious. A living breathing entity that one was expected to be reliant on? Pah. Her legs worked much better -- and they were safer.

Why on the Light was she attending a Horsemanship class then? Well, that's simple.

Undoubtfully the longest standing Aethan'Tar time-wise, Nyda often found herself in repetitive situations, retaking classes she had already done before and training more-or-less to prime and hone already learned skills. She was reaching the limits of what she could do, but yet, was unable to go on. Much of this had been her own doing, at first only attending lessons enough to get her by, but not enough to actually make any progress -- something that a harsh reminder and a revisitation to the Three-Fold Land had beaten out of her with a fiery passion. But now? Well, it was a waiting game. But that didn't change the fact that she was a chained lion cub quickly out growing its cage and getting claustrophobic. Everyone that she had started out as an Aethan'Tar with had already moved on to Sei'Tar and it left the Aielwoman irritable and anxious, especially at what that might mean of her.

Ah, and that was the second reason; Tsuga Dafrin.

The other woman had been the first that Nyda had meet upon arriving at the tower those years ago as a fellow Aethan'Tar. She had looked then much as she did now actually, covered and muck and mud, but slightly more matured than the girl from before. Horses were an evil in their own, but at least being able to keep a seat on one might come in handy for later on in life and if Tsuga was teaching the class ... well, it could not be completely horrid. Before Nyda had become reclusive and her trip yonder from the White Tower she had considered the woman an able Spear-Sister and still held that same reguard.

While most of the class did indeed overlook their instructor, Nyda keep her attention half on the Sei'Tar, but focused mainly on trying to inconspicuously peer at the nearby stalls and surroundings to get a glimpse at what manner of creatures they would be working with. If it was anything like that mare -- she inwardly winced -- this was not going to be pleasant. Alas, her efforts seemed futile and at last, when the Sei'Tar's familiar voice tickled at her ear drums, she abandoned the attempt, returning her attention to where it needed to be.

Since it was asked for, "Nyda of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. I am Aethan'Tar," something about riding? "The object of riding is to stay in the saddle on their backs." It was a very, very simple statement and no doubt she received some very bazaar looks from the fellows taking the class, but Nyda spoke with sincerity as if that was an incredible feat indeed to pull of. She still might have the bruises to prove it.

Nyda was very efficient in many different categories of talents, but Horses? That was probably going to rank right down there with her all mighty swordsmanship -- which was she could hold and wield one without stabbing her own foot ... most of the time. Yes, in this task, she very well was probably going to be one of the idiots. Well, can we say "E" for effort?

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    • Idiot Number One — Nyda Aethan'Tar, Fri Jan 19 15:08
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