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Kamion Drendi (novice)
An Apprehensive Beginning
Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:49 (XFF:

Kamion gulped her breakfast and said a hasty farewell to those who were sitting at her table. She had a lesson this morning, at the second bell, and she didn't want to be late. Kamion had heard about the horsemanship lesson, and had known immediately that she would want to attend. She loved horses, but just didn't know how to stay on one too well...yet. By the end of the class, Kamion was determined that she would at least be able to stay on a horse by herself when it was walking. As a noble's daughter, her parent's had dismissed riding as nonsense, and forbade Kamion to learn, preferring to fill her time with lessons on etiquette and poise. Kamion's thoughts on what was nonsense went just the other way around.

There was another reason she didn't want to be late today. This particular lesson was not within the familiar walls of the White Tower; instead, Kamion would be joining people that she did not know. Yes, Aes Sedai were imposing, but they were at least somewhat familiar. Kamion had never met the instructor for this class, and was more than a little nervous.

As she hurried down to the stables, Kamion let the familiar smell of horses fill her. Her parents may have forbidden her to ride, but that hadn't stopped her from spending time in the stables. Kamion reached the stables, and slipped in soundlessly. She glanced around; it seemed as if there were already some other students there. Unobtrusively, Kamion studied the horses. They seemed of good quality, and would make fine mounts-as long as they didn't dump her. She couldn't help feeling a slight twinge in her stomach at the thought of falling from such a great height. Then she let her attention drift to the teacher. The teacher seemed messy, covered in muck, hay, and dirt but obviously at ease. Both towered over her-Kamion, being Cairhienin, was fairly short-and she couldn't help feeling a little imtimidated.

Still a little shy, Kamion stepped up beside the other girl, and listened to what the instructor had to say. It seemed she wanted to know their name, rank, and something....about horses or riding. The first two were easy. "I am Kamion Drendi, a novice." Now something about horses or riding...Kamion racked her brain; yes, she had spent a lot of time with them, but in truth, she didn't know very much. "Horses require a lot of care and tending, and they are a big responsibility." This much, at least, she had gleaned from watching the stable hands work. Horses always seemed to be needing something, whether it was food, water, or a clean stall. Kamion had given the most basic information, but it was all she knew. She blushed slightly, but kept her gaze straight and focused on Tsuga.

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