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Going Around in Circles
Sun Jan 28, 2007 16:06 (XFF:

Kamion was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet with excitement. She had overcome her shyness about starting the class-everyone here looked nice and friendly. It seemed as if everyone had arrived, and class was about to start. She felt a small sense of dismay when their teacher told them that they would have to be responsible for mucking out and cleaning the stalls, but it didn’t last long. They were, after all, learning about horses-not just how to ride them.

She waited eagerly as everyone was assigned a horse. Kamion couldn’t wait to see which one she would get. When she was assigned to a small, chestnut gelding, she smiled ruefully. The horse’s size matched her small stature. However, as she glided forward to examine her horse more closely, she found herself smiling again, but this time in pleasure. He seemed a mischievous thing with a sense of humor, and Kamion appreciated that. She looked him over-his coat was sleek and shining, and no ribs stuck out. This seemed a very healthy horse. She watched as he shifted restlessly in his stall, and laughed. She herself had felt like that many times before. That last movement endeared him to her heart. Kamion loved him already.

When everyone had gotten a horse, Tsuga began to teach them how to put a halter on a horse. The key seemed to be calm, efficient, and firm. Kamion thought she could handle all of that. She then watched closely as they were taught how to put a halter on, and how to clip the horse in the aisle. When Tsuga warned them never to walk behind a horse unless they wanted to be kicked, Kamion smiled ruefully. She had seen that before. She carefully got her horse clipped and settled, and then rewarded him with a treat and a few pats.

The next part of the lesson made Kamion groan aloud. They were to muck and clean the stalls, right then. She had been expecting it, but not this soon! When all the supplies were pointed out to them, Kamion gingerly picked up a shovel and got herself a wheelbarrow. She stepped into the stall, and started trying to muck it out. It took her a few tries, but eventually she got the hang of it. Not having much muscle in her arms, Kamion tired quickly and was sorely tempted to use saidar to help her. She cast the thought from her mind and grimly finished the task.

When everyone was finished, they learned to tack and groom a horse. Kamion found this part kind of relaxing. There was something soothing in the repetitive strokes of the brush. It didn’t take her very long, and soon she was ready to ride. However, before they were allowed outside, Tsuga had each one of them take a stick that was about sword length, and buckle them on. Doubtfully, Kamion did so, and wondered why they would need sticks to ride. However, she did as the teacher asked and did not question.

When they got outside, Kamion smiled broadly. This was the part that she had been waiting for-to actually work with the horse! They started out at a slow walk, and Kamion gently but firmly pulled her horse forward. He behaved beautifully. They did this several times around the ring, and then sped up to a trot. By the time they were done, Kamion was breathing rather heavily. However, it all paid off when Tsuga said it was time to move on to riding the horse. Following instructions, Kamion mounted from the left side. It took her a few tries, and she almost fell a couple of times, but she got on her horse in the end. When she was on, she looked around a little nervously. She really was a little high up. She shook the thought from her head, and paid attention as their teacher taught them how to steer and stop. They were then instructed to ride in circles. Taking a deep breath, Kamion tried to relax and squeezed timidly with her legs. Immediately, her mount began moving forward. Clutching the reins with tight fingers, Kamion directed her horse to go left and right. When they had gone a few circles, Kamion began to relax and enjoy the experience. This was fun! She couldn’t wait to see what it felt like when the horse went faster.

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    • Going Around in Circles — Kamion Drendi, Sun Jan 28 16:06
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