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Equus Caballus
Mon Feb 5, 2007 22:56 (XFF:

Quirin’s back hurt, his shoulders ached, his backside was screaming at him and his arms felt as though they were lead, on top of that he had a headache and he was tired. The Mindean boy had not had to be up so early in a long while and he had never had to do it on a regular basis. Making lace might have been a boring task but it was certainly much easier than the training that he had endured in his first week at the Tower. Letting out a yawn he ran a hand through his greasy red locks and gave a shudder of disgust; Quirin had been up so late each morning that he had had no time to wash or eat before training began and he was beginning to feel like a tramp.

Smile, Quirin, this is all in the name of your dignity. He was beginning to wonder if a thick ear from his father for twisting Master Latham’s nose might have been better than his ‘ingenious’ idea of running away to Tar Valon; he certainly ached a lot more from the exercise than he might have done if his father had tanned his backside. Rolling his shoulders in the last of his warm up exercises the young red haired boy focused his attention on what was to come; he was to attend a lesson in horsemanship having never ridden a horse in the eighteen years he had been walking the earth. His adventures in the White Tower Barracks had begun with far too many new and apparently exciting things for him to handle.

Closing his eyes and throwing his head against the wall behind him, Quirin gathered his thoughts, took in a deep breath before opening his eyes once more and heading in the direction of his lesson. In truth he was not looking forward to charging around on a horse for the next few hours; the beast itself did not worry him, it was that he could be such a great clumsy oaf and Quirin did not fancy falling or running innocents over with an out of control steed. Perhaps it would not be so bad, Master Latham rode a horse all of the time back and forth from Lugard to Mindea, Quirin had stayed in the wagon with the lace but it had not looked difficult. He smiled to himself and put his hands upon his hips whilst stopping to view the crowd of students that had joined the lesson that he too was about to begin.

Introductions began as he shuffled in from the back to about half way to the front of the crowd. He listened for a moment before making his own introduction. “I am Aethan’Tar Quirin Wallis do Mattei a’Rian, as for yet another ‘horsey’ fact, I know nothing of horses except that rich people ride them to look good and those without money use them to plough their fields and pull their wagons.” He spoke with a definite tone, of course, Quirin did not mean his statement with any malice; one of the boy’s many faults was an over eagerness to speak what was on his mind without any fear of the consequences.

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    • Equus Caballus — Aethan’Tar Quirin, Mon Feb 5 22:56
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