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(Mistress Mary), Quite Contrary
Wed Feb 7, 2007 02:58 (XFF:

“Quirin, you will be working with this gelding. He’s pretty placid but the biggest problem you’ll face is getting the horse to do what you want; he has a tendency to do the exact opposite.”

The Aethan’Tar clucked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and moved over to the yellowish-gold coloured horse. What Sei’Tar Tsuga had said did not set his mind at ease especially when he bore in mind how little experience he had with horses. Quirin eyed the gelding with suspicion but, after a moment’s deliberation, made up his mind that the two might form a good working relationship with a little male bonding; he was a strong lad and Master Latham had never had any problems with his horses. He rubbed his hands together in determination, lost in the thought of achieving his newest skill with swiftness and ease, however, the Sei’Tar’s instruction and firm, commanding voice brought him quickly from his day dream and Quirin turned about so that he was once again focusing on what the woman at the head of the class was saying.

The first task at hand was learning how to put a halter onto the horse. Tsuga explained how calm movements were required for this task and Quirin made a note of this; his Mindean temper did not always allow for any sort of calm actions and his male pride caused him to become flustered at the slightest chance that he might not get something right with the first try. After the Sei’Tar had finished her explanation, Quirin begun the first few steps to placing the halter on the horse, he swiftly removed it and the lead rope from the hook to one side of the stalls and approached the dun gelding with caution. Putting a hand up just below his chin to steady his nerves, the Aethan’Tar spoke with soft tones as he approached the door to the stalls, he opened it, walked in and locked it behind him before turning as slowly as he could manage to face the horse.

“Now you, beast, I expect you’ll do as I ask…please.” He still spoke in hushed tones so as not to alarm the horse. “You and I know very well that I’ve no experience with…” he tried to think of the correct phrasing, “…your kind, but you’ve plenty of experience handling great oafs like me, so let’s come to an agreement, alright? I’ll try really hard not to lose my temper and you can make this whole thing completely painless for the both of us.” As he spoke he came closer to the horse and, taking the lead rope in hand, he slowly made an attempt at slipping the lead rope about the horse’s neck as Sei’Tar Tsuga had suggested. He was fairly successful with only a few minor disagreements from the gelding but Quirin rectified the problem with a few soothing hushes and a reassuring pat. “Thank, I expect you do have a name but I’m not privileged enough to know it, it’s a shame you horses can’t just introduce yourselves. Now we’ve only the halter to go.”

Bearing in mind all of the things that Tsuga had said Quirin tried to place the halter over the horse’s muzzle but the young one would not stay still for the Aethan’Tar. “Come back here you!” He said slightly louder than before as the horse turned his head away from Quirin and took one step backwards. The level of the Mindean boy’s voice appeared to have spooked the yellowish coloured animal for it simply would not stay still for Quirin to put the halter on. “Come on boy,” Quirin said under his breath, “Let’s have some cooperation from you, hmm, I’m trying to be nice here.” He gritted his teeth and stood for a moment in order to make sure that his temper was in check. Whilst he stood still so did the horse and Quirin decided that this was probably the best time to try again to place the halter on his beast and after one more unsuccessful attempt the animal was ready to go. Grasping the lead rope in hand, the Aethan’Tar stood and admired his handiwork, he had never had to struggle at much before; lacework was difficult for many reasons but he was allowed to lose his temper then; there was no danger of spooking lace. Listening carefully to instruction, Quirin led the horse form the stalls, clipped it into the ties in the aisle and swiftly rewarded him with a treat before he had a chance to forget what he was being rewarded for.

“Now then, I’m assuming you all know how to shovel, so I’m hoping that mucking stalls will be self-explanatory. You scoop up the poop and put it in the wheelbarrow using this. When you’re done, you take the wheelbarrow and dump the manure on the pile out back. Don’t worry about not being able to find it – just follow your nose.”

The Mindean boy screwed up his nose and turned about. Walking back to where he had just come from the Aethan’Tar viewed the mess with his hands on his waist. He had never done a hard day’s graft in the eighteen years that he had been walking the world. But, supposing that this was just one of the many downsides to working life and that being beaten on the backside by his father and Master Latham was a lot less appealing than cleaning up faeces, Quirin set to work- shovelling and dumping. By the end of the task he had dirt in his fingernails and he smelled like the backside of a cow but he had cleaned everything according to instruction and was fairly proud of his own ability to keep from cursing at the disgusting mess that he was now responsible for. He wheeled the pile of muck out to the back and tipped it onto the already rather large pile that must have been accumulating over a period of time. Quirin tried hard not to breathe within the vicinity of the stinking pile of excrement and quickly made his way back over to the Sei’Tar and the similarly stinking class group.

“Alright, before we head outside and start learning some ground work, everyone take one of these and buckle them on like a sword. You may feel silly now, but this will make a lot of things about learning to ride easier.”

Quirin buckled on his stick-sword and followed the Sei’Tar, with his horse in tow, off to a fenced in area where they eventually stopped still and the lesson began again. They were going to learn how to handle their animals- this was the section of the lesson that the Aethan’Tar had been dreading; he had found the rest of the lesson easy to deal with, there had been no real physical challenges, only mental ones that had required he still his temper. Quirin had already been informed that his horse was not the easiest to handle and he had begun to panic. He ran his sweaty, dirty palms through equally dirty auburn hair and sighed. He was already fed up with the amount of work required of him by the Gaidin and Gaidar and his lack of sleep and food coupled with a dirty, disgusting lesson involving animals with which he had never possessed an affinity was the last straw. But he was determined not to lose his temper.

He began to walk with the gelding in tow but the horse had other ideas and half way around the first revolution of the arena the young animal decided he would stop. Quirin stopped too, with a harsh jerk and he gritted his teeth to prevent himself from whipping around and kicking the animal into submission. It was an awful thought because the Aethan'Tar was not a violent man and he would never harm anything unless he had to but whether he wanted to act on his thoughts or not they were still running through his mind. He gave a sharp tug on the lead rope and to his surprise the horse began to walk again, Quirin smiled at his triumph and continued with a testy and spirited but otherwise obedient beast following behind. As Tsuga began to speed her walk to a jog so did the rest of the group and Quirin followed on behind, he rolled his eyes at his own stupidity as he puffed for breath; he had not expected that learning to ride a horse would be so physically tasking although he perhaps should have done.

Finally the group were instructed to mount their horses and Tsuga told them that they must always mount from the left in order not to lose a leg. Quirin attempted to mount his gelding in the same manner as the Sei'Tar had shown but got stuck half way. “Blood and Ashes!” He cursed “How bloody embarrassing.” He remained in such way for a few moments before the Sei’Tar came to help him over the horse, and finally he was ready to go. His cheeks burned with embarrassment but Quirin was determined not to let the animal get the better of him. Upon instruction Quirin squeezed his legs and the horse begun to walk forward, nerves got the better of him and kept the reins tight for the entire revolution causing his horse to stop and start, speed up and slow down at random intervals. This lesson was proving to be the worst experience of Quirin’s entire life.

OOC: Sorry if I ran out of steam near the end! That was looong! -laughs- ~*~Daria~*~

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