That's great Paul.
Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:01pm

That's a good one Paul, there is no doubt in my mind. I found one area that I'm convinced are microbial mats, and there is a recent paper out that makes a good case for flowing water and photosynthetic microorganisms. I'll post the link if I come across it again. I'm still convinced that the higher lifeforms are chemosynthetic, and invertebrate. Good to see you are still plugging away, and I wouldn't bother with the lost cause Don, he will just insist that whatever new thing is discovered is what he has been saying all along. A real piece of work.
I thought I had this dead board set up to notify me of any posts, sorry I missed it for so long.

  • Finally proof even NASA must accept.Paul John McLeod, Wed Jul 27 9:49am
    Hey Tim check this out. If this doesn't show sulfer bacteria colony activity Ill go swing.And it matches peer review research on earths earliest forms of life. Matches also the chemosynthetic theory... more
    • That's great Paul. — Tim, Mon Feb 13 9:01pm
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