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Ames 1862 Cavalry Sabre
Tue Jun 23, 2009 18:06

I received a Cavalry Sabre for Fathers Day. The markings on it are "Ames MFG co, Chicopee, Mass" on one side of the blade. The other, "U.S., ADK, 1862, INDIA"
Now, other than being a veteran having served in both the 2nd and 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiments, I have no experience with sabres. The person who gave me the sabre believes it is a replica. The small amount of searching I've don on the internet tells me different. I know that Ames contracted several manufacturers during the Civil War to meet the U.S. Armys demand. The sabre has a serial #6939 stamped in the guard. I also cannot find out what the "ADK" signifies.
So is it authentic or a replica?

    • 1862 sabre sr#2119chris, Sat Aug 17 14:13
      I have the same sabre only with a steel scabered, great condition, whats is estimated value $$ worth
    • Vaule of Sabre?Anonymous, Wed Nov 18 15:41
      Hi, I have an 1862 Sabre from the American Civil War. It was made by AMES MP & CO, Chicopee MASS S/N 14472. What is it worth? I have an interested buyer! Thanks for your help. Aaron.
      • Ames '62 Saber Ric, Thu Nov 19 10:33
        Aaron, The value of the saber depends on a few things, especially condition. Does it have the original scabbard? If not, the value is reduced roughly by half. If you want to email me pics of it, I... more
    • ames saberdoug hale, Mon Jul 20 03:56
      It is a replica. If it has India stamped on it you know it is a replica. ADK is the inspectors initals for A.D.King. Ames did import a few sabers from Germany to meet the schedule until they got... more
    • Ames Cav. SaberRic, Tue Jun 23 23:09
      Hi, Your saber is a replica. Many replicas of Civil War sabers are produced in India today. Some of them are even made with maker's and inspector's marks that are similar but not identical to the... more
      • Ames 1862 Cavalry Sabrerpped, Wed Jun 24 12:47
        Thanks for the info. The handle does have the "hump" that you mentioned.
        • Ames SaberRic, Wed Jun 24 15:52
          You're welcome. On the better repros the grip profile is more accurate. And the Ames Sword Co. still exists in a transformed way, churning out copies of their better known historic swords. But most... more
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