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U.S.N. 1860 Cutlasses
Fri Dec 2, 2011 09:16

I have two 1860 U.S.N. cutlasses with original scabbards that came to me through my father, who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1941 and served on four-piper destroyers escorting merchant convoys to Murmansk. It may have been on one of these ships that he came into possession of them. I have not done any restoration. I can just barely make out "Ames Mfg. Co." and the "copee" part of Chicopee, Mass, which is where they were made. Mine are in every way identical to those described on your site, as well as on

One, at the hilt, has the naval anchor logo, beneath which are "U.S.N." and the larger letter "P." followed by smaller letters "D" and "R." Below is "186-" the missing "4" appears very faintly. On the other side of the hilt, one can see
"…are by" in light script on the first line, "…ES MFg. C." on the second, and "…COPEE" on the third, with "MASS." in slightly smaller letters below. The brass guard is stamped "21M" with "739" below, making this one of the last such weapons made.

The other has the naval anchor sideways, running in the direction of the blade, rather than vertically, with the same "U.S.N." above it, vertically. Beneath are the small letters "D" and "R." Also facing sideways are the larger letters as follows: "P" beneath which, same size, the letters "G" and another "G." The bottom half of "1864" is quite distinct along the base of the hilt. The brass guard bears only the following stamp: "48" The two numbers are not aligned, as if they were struck separately, and in a larger font size than the "21M" and "739" of the first cutlass.

I'd be interested in knowing more about the cutlasses and their value. Neither has had any restoration done. The blades have minor stains/pitting and the leather on one is about 70 percent. One scabbard is missing a rivet and has a broken tip. All in all, I'd say they're in pretty good shape.

Any help appreciated

    • RE: USN 1860 CutlassesRic, Fri Dec 2 22:32
      Hi Bill, The M1860 Naval Cutlass was in service for a very long time, though rarely used in battle. The days of boarding parties swinging onto enemy ships in conquest was pretty much over long before ... more
      • cutlassesbill4432, Wed Dec 14 06:40
        Ric, Thanks so much for your thoughtful and detailed response. One of the scabbards is in pretty good shape,I'd think. It's not missing any rivets and has the belt attachment. The other is missing... more
        • RE: CutlassRic, Wed Dec 14 21:42
          Bill, You're welcome. Enjoy the cutlasses. They're a great souvenir passed on to you from your Dad. Best, Ric
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