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Wed Dec 14, 2011 06:40

Thanks so much for your thoughtful and detailed response. One of the scabbards is in pretty good shape,I'd think. It's not missing any rivets and has the belt attachment. The other is missing one rivet and the tip is damaged so that you see a bit of the felt inside. In any case, I appreciate your note.


  • RE: USN 1860 CutlassesRic, Fri Dec 2 22:32
    Hi Bill, The M1860 Naval Cutlass was in service for a very long time, though rarely used in battle. The days of boarding parties swinging onto enemy ships in conquest was pretty much over long before ... more
    • cutlasses — bill4432, Wed Dec 14 06:40
      • RE: CutlassRic, Wed Dec 14 21:42
        Bill, You're welcome. Enjoy the cutlasses. They're a great souvenir passed on to you from your Dad. Best, Ric
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