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Rick Wagner
Officer's cutlass
Mon Jul 29, 2013 14:54

The book you want, especially if you collect U. S. Navy Officer's swords in general, is U. S. NAVAL OFFICERS - THEIR SWORDS AND DIRKS by Peter Tuite. I happen to sell that book but any arms reference seller should have it.

Civil War officer's cutlasses seem to be of 2 types. Both have a swirled guard with the letters USN cut out. One has a gilded hilt with decoration around the rim of the pommel, the other is like an enlisted cutlass except it has the swirled guard and cut out letters. A third type has a guard with a floral decoration and the cut out letters. It is believed that the Bannerman Company had these made up. I assume for sale to Navy officers but these would be post Civil War

Rick Wagner

  • 1860 "Officer's " cutlass- issue?Kevin Hines, Sat Jul 27 11:31
    Again, reading "Small Arms of the Sea Services" by Col. R. Rankin, USMC. noting that this work is some fifty-ish years old, I was wondering if any new info has come to light re: the use of the... more
    • Officer's cutlass — Rick Wagner, Mon Jul 29 14:54
      • M 1861 Officer's CutlassRichard Schenk, Tue May 27 08:44
        John McAulay, in discussing the M1861 Cutlass in his "Civil War Small Arms of the US Navy and Marine Corps", states Daniel Reynolds "also inspected a few gilt swords that were obtained for Officers'... more
        • Naval Officer's Cutlass Richard Wagner, Tue May 27 13:40
          I think the inspected Officer's cutlasses were bought by the Navy to sell to officers that couldn't get to a retail arms dealer just as the Army did with both the M1850 Staff & the M1850 Foot... more
          • M1861 Officer Cutlassreschenk, Mon Mar 16 13:29
            Rick, Do you still follow this site? In any event, Reynolds definitely did inspect Officers' cutlasses purchased by the Navy. One such inspected cutlass was recently sold at auction (believe either... more
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