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Re: Maj Höfele
Mon Oct 22, 2012 22:56

HI Alain.
Somehow i do not think I have given you a reply on this post. I am truly sorry for that.

I do have a lot of info about this LANC. It was shot down in my hometown, and I have been participating in the memorial service held there, every year, as long as i can remember.

Every year a group of training planes and fliers does a fly-by, making a scene where one plane dissapears from the group, symbolizing the down shooting of ME 650.

The Grave in my hometown:

Last year, the Lancaster PA474, made a trip to Denmark, overflying severel gravesites, to commemorate those heroes buried in Danish soil..

Regards Claus Toksvig.

  • Maj HöfeleAlain Rosseels, Mon May 9 17:14
    Hello Claus , Do you have info ME-650 , if not i would be pleased to send you these. Greets from Belgium Alain
    • Re: Maj Höfele — claustoksvig, Mon Oct 22 22:56
      • Re: Maj Höfeleclaustoksvig, Mon Oct 22 22:57 The PA474 fly by..
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