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Uffz Herbert Frass
Wed Sep 2, 2015 14:18

Hello everyone I am looking for information on a couple of German pilots. My Grand Uncle F/Sgt Albert John Thomson was shot down in his 35 Sqn Mk 2 Halifax HR985 TL / A over Lisieux, Calvados in the Normandy Region of France in the early morning of the 12 November 1943. A friend in the RAF has suggested to me that it was Uffz Herbert Frass from 2/JG2 Nachtjagd Fighter Group. The pilot from the Halifax survived, and in his report he said that they had shot down one of the Night Fighters as he saw it crash into the ground just before the Halifax crashed. Does anyone have any information on this attack to confirm this ?
I would like to know who was the pilot that was shot down, and was the Halifax kill credited to Uffz Herbert Frass. Also does anyone have a picture of Uffz Herbert Frass or his plane ? Thank you and I would appreciate any help on this. Regards John.

    • Uffz Herbert FrassJohn Gow Hughes, Fri Sep 4 19:43
      Hello Jerome, Firstly thank you for your quick reply to my message I am impressed i'd thought I might have to wait weeks for a reply. You are correct HR985 was shot down near the village of Gace and... more
    • Uffz Herbert FrassJerome Leblanc, Fri Sep 4 01:17
      Hi John, the name of the pilot you are looking for is: Uffz Herbert Treff. He claims to have shot down a "Halifax" in the night of 11-12 November 1943 at 0:58 above Lisieux. His aircraft was a Fw... more
      • Frass, Herbert (Gerhard)Jerome Leblanc, Fri Sep 4 01:35
        I went a little fast, it is true that Frass, Herbert (Gerhard) of 2./JG2 with a Fw 190A claims a Halifax II at Lisieux on the night of 12 November, 1943. But as I have information that the HR985 fell ... more
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