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Jerome Leblanc
Frass, Herbert (Gerhard)
Fri Sep 4, 2015 01:35

I went a little fast, it is true that Frass, Herbert (Gerhard) of 2./JG2 with a Fw 190A claims a Halifax II at Lisieux on the night of 12 November, 1943. But as I have information that the HR985 fell near the town of GacÚ in the Orne department and the HR798 fell in Lisieux, but may be my sources are wrong (WR CHORLEY) regards Jerome

  • Uffz Herbert FrassJerome Leblanc, Fri Sep 4 01:17
    Hi John, the name of the pilot you are looking for is: Uffz Herbert Treff. He claims to have shot down a "Halifax" in the night of 11-12 November 1943 at 0:58 above Lisieux. His aircraft was a Fw... more
    • Frass, Herbert (Gerhard) — Jerome Leblanc, Fri Sep 4 01:35
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