paul van parys
Seestafeel-1 (1916-1917)
Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:30


I am making research about the German Marine Korps in Belgium (Flanders-Zeebrugge) 1914-1918.
If you wish further information I can help you.
What is your motherlanguage and country.

Paul, Belgium(Flanders-Coast)

  • Albert-Edmund EIFFEMartin HUWART, Thu Dec 11 15:21
    Hello to you ! Albert-Edmund EIFFE is part of the german branch of my family. Born Hamburg 1898, he volunteerd for the Marine Air Force in 1916, was stationed in Zeebrugge (Seestaffel 1)in 1917 under ... more
    • Seestafeel-1 (1916-1917) — paul van parys, Sun Oct 25 11:30
    • EiffeE.M., Thu Jan 1 10:32
      Hello, I just found that he was appointed Oberstleutnant on 1 July 1942. Regards Erik M.
      • Albert-Edmund EIFFEMartin HUWART, Thu Jan 1 11:33
        Many thanks Erik ! Should you have any other infos, please forward. From D.Dienststelle, I got his appointment to the Malacky Ubungsplatz of Luftwaffe as last track 1942/43. What happens to him after ... more
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