Hans Richter
Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:57

Sorry, message sent accidently ...

Hans Richter is my mom's uncle. His sister is still alive. Of course, we have lots of pictures.
Why are you interested in him?

Kind regards,

  • Fw (Lt) Hans RichterRicky, Fri Jun 12 15:43
    Feldwebel Hans Richter, 1940 in I./JG 1 (Western Front) and in 1941 (meanwhile Leutnant) with III./JG 27 at the Russian front. In total 22 victories (4 in Europe, 18 in Russia). Hit in engine and... more
    • Hans Richter — Kat, Fri Jan 20 12:57
    • Hans RichterKat, Fri Jan 20 12:55
      Hi, he is my mom's uncle.
    • Hans RichterAnonymous, Fri Jul 10 18:15
      Hello, Lt. Hans Richter born on 17/12/1916 in Dessau has his grave in Shary - Russia. He was KIA 9 km South of Tosno on 11/09/1941. Regards Erik M.
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