Me 410 Obit Kruger
Tue Mar 13, 2018 16:49

I live in Ashby St Mary and I am drafting an article for our Parish Web Site on the Crash and would be grateful for any information on the crew.

  • Me.410 Oblt.KrugerBrian Sadler, Tue Dec 2 20:49
    Chris, I have both the Crews Avialable Service details along with all avialable official records.For what reason are you interested? I can help, but have no contact with Family but would be very... more
    • Crash WWII in AshbyTerry Kitt, Sun Mar 25 13:33
      Dear Brian, The service records of the crew would be a great addition to the article on our Parish website and would give background to the two individuals who died when they crashed in our village... more
    • Me 410 Obit Kruger — Terry Kitt, Tue Mar 13 16:49
    • Oblt KrugerTerence Kitt, Sun May 21 10:30
      I am preparing an article for our Parish website on the crash of Oblt's Plane in Ashby St Mary, Norfolk and would be grateful for any information.
    • Me410 / KG51mharrison4, Mon May 30 16:36
      Hi, I am researching the career of Leutnant Wolfgang Wenning of II./KG51 during April 1944 I wondered if you have any information regarding Lt Wenning who was killed on intruder operations over... more
      • Re: Me410 / KG51Alain Rosseels, Tue May 31 07:55
        Hello , Check out this link : Regards Alain
        • Me410 / KG 51 Lt Wenningmharrison4, Tue May 31 14:35
          Hi Alain, I have already seen the link but thanks for sending. I sent a loss page for F/O Moore RCAF who collided with Lt Wennings Me410 to the same site below... more
    • Me410 Lt Wolfgang Wenningmharrison4, Fri May 15 22:12
      Hi Brian I am researching the career of Lt Wolfgang Wenning of II./KG51 and wondered if you could help me? I know he and Fw Gustav Delp(bordfunker)were killed on intruder operations 27/4/44. Regards, ... more
    • Me 410 crewChris Johnson, Wed Dec 3 01:49
      Hello Brian, Brilliant!! Please contact me asap Chris
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