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Cozy's Mom
Jersey Doodles
Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:42

We got Cozy we will be 3 years in December from Jersey Doodles (near Atlantic City). She is an F1B. She is 37 lbs and has a wonderful temperament.

In retrospect, I should not have gotten a "B" because the coat grooming is more than I anticipated. I would not hesitate to get another dog from JerseyDoodles.

Also, don't forget many breeders do ship dogs.

  • Goldendoodles in New JerseyVMan, Sun Oct 26 10:53
    Hi, I am a first time dog owner and have decided I would like to get a goldendoodle. Living in Northern New Jersey, can anyone please recommend a good breeder in NJ that they have experience with. I... more
    • Jersey DoodlesTari, Sat May 28 17:29
      Hi, Just wanted to let you know that although Jersey Doodles has changed its name to Blackwood Golden Doodles, they are still the same breeder. John is still here. Kathy has retired. For more... more
    • Maisey the wonder dog is from Jersey Doodlescarol h., Tue Oct 28 09:55
      The best dog we have ever had is from Jersey Doodles. I agree the coat is difficult to say the least. I have found that a professional groom at least every 8 weeks is needed. Maisey is only 1 1/2... more
      • The StuffBev LaLonde, Thu Oct 30 09:49
        The Stuff you can get in Dog catalogues will help with grooming and coming out. Keeping dog cleaner also. It's very good! Also the Furminator is a good tool to get loose hair out. Bev
    • My F1BMelisa, Mon Oct 27 19:36
      We have an F1B, her fur is amazing, not as high maintenance as everyone says. When her fur is long she needs to be brushed almost everyday, so for that reason I keep her no longer than the picture... more
      • Beautiful CoatBev LaLonde, Tue Oct 28 08:18
        What a pretty baby! She is beautiful! Bev,Harlee & Chloe
      • Soooo cute!!! (nm)kat (NY Murphy), Mon Oct 27 20:51
    • F1 vs F1BVMan, Mon Oct 27 18:29
      Thanks for all of your help. Can anyone please give me additional information in terms of shedding and coat maintenance. It sounds like F1B's shed less than F1's but F1b's are more difficult to... more
      • It's a crap shoot with coatsGa. Dog, Wed Oct 29 09:44
        My F1 GD doesn't shed and his coat and build is more poodle like (with lazy curls like the guy at the top of this page but prone to mats and high maintaince). My friend's LD has a very soft, less... more
      • Grooming DoodlesBev, Tue Oct 28 08:24
        My suggestion is go to site and groom your own dogs. It is not hard and pays for clipper and table in no time. Instructions on site. And many other places. Bev
        • Grooming a goldendoodleKaren, Wed Oct 29 12:13
          I went on the site and put in grooming a goldendoodle. It took me right to the Petsmart site. Bev, can you give specifics as to what type of clippers, brush, dryer, etc. Thanks.
          • Grooming GoldendoodleBev LaLonde, Wed Oct 29 17:05
            Karen, Go to, Click on Resources, How to Groom your Goldendoodle everything is right there. If you can't get it email me and I will get for you. Bev LaLonde
      • I have a F1Anonymous, Tue Oct 28 07:40
        He does not shed at all. There is no guarantee on that though. It depends on who the dog takes after the poodle side or the Golden side. Coat maintenance with GD's is tough and expensive. I did not... more
      • Generally speaking yes.Jan, Mon Oct 27 18:45
        F1's (Retriever x Poodle) tend to have looser curls, and may shed a bit (or a lot). F1B's (F1 x Poodle) tend to have more poodle like hair, which grows continuously and does not shed. Often a better... more
    • Goldendoodle New JerseyPat, Mon Oct 27 16:10
      We lived in Waldwick New Jersey when we got out goldendoodle. We took a very worthwhile trip to West Virgina "DOODLESVILLE" to pick up our "Layla". I have heard great things about Jersey Doodles... more
    • We got ours from Jersey Doodles....Kathy & Dudley (NJ), Mon Oct 27 14:16
      He has a wonderful personality. We have never had a dog so smart. I would think twice before getting a Goldendoodle the grooming is a nightmare. You wind up having to keep them with a shorter coat... more
      • Jersey Shore Doodlescollen K, Mon Oct 27 15:06
        Thank you for saying that Kathy, when we went to visit the breeders, that why we chose Jersey Shore Doodles's. Is this Kathleen from Jersey Doodles?
        • P.SKathy & Dudley (NJ), Tue Oct 28 07:19
          You can see Dudley on page 4 of the Doodles and Owners page here on
        • re: Jersey Shore DoodlesJan, Mon Oct 27 18:50
          In My Opinion, Jersey Shore Doodles chose that name so that they could profit from Kathy at Jersey Doodles' good reputation. Personally, I think it was, at best, a poor choice of names, at worst, a... more
          • There is notK, Mon Oct 27 20:01
            a doubt in my mind they used that name to capitalize off Kathy and John's reputation. I recommend to anyone interested in the GD.
        • No, we just got our Dudley (GD) fromKathy & Dudley (NJ), Mon Oct 27 18:26
          Jersey Doodles. My daughter got her Labradoodle from Nancy at Doodlesville, WV. Good luck with your decision and with your new addition whatever you decide!! We live in Mt. Olive, NJ
    • Jersey Shore DoodlesTom T, Mon Oct 27 13:10
      Vman, We checked around before we decided on our dog. We got our dog from this breeder. The dog has an excellent disposition and temperament. From my experience the breeder is someone who you want to ... more
      • us too...JenPA, Mon Oct 27 23:13
        We couldn't be happier with our dog. He is ridiculously sweet and for the most part mellow and loyal and bonded to our family and happiest when kids are lying on top of him. And the breeder is just... more
    • Jersey Doodles — Cozy's Mom, Mon Oct 27 12:42
      • Jersey DoodlesAnonymous, Sat May 28 17:38
        Hi, Just wanted to let you know that John from JerseyDoodles is still breeding, just under another name...Blackwood Goldendoodles. You can visit us at Thanks
      • Coat and groomingLiz/Abby, Mon Oct 27 13:41
        Abby is an F1 (half poodle/half retriever) and her coat is a nightmare to keep groomed. She is fine as long as she is cut very short. I guess she has more of the poodle undercoat and then hair get... more
    • Re: Goldendoodles in New JerseyDood Mom, Mon Oct 27 10:30 They are also the only NJ-based breeder recommended on this website's list of quality, tested breeders.
      • Thank youAnonymous, Sat May 28 17:40
        For the compliment on JerseyDoodles. Just wanting people to know that they are now Blackwood Goldendoodles and can be visited at Thanks!
      • Re: Goldendoodles in New JerseyAnonymous, Mon Oct 27 13:42
        We just got our second Goldendoodle from Jerseydoodles & would highly recommend them. Both my dogs are ADORABLE and have great dispositions. oh,did I mention smart!!!!)
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