I'd definitely do a little more research.
Sat Jan 10, 2009 06:46

This is what I saw on their site: It is a very large outdoor facility in Ontario. They are offering puppies from at least 7 different litters in December alone. There is no mention of health testing or health guarantee.

I can't imagine they could afford much testing at such a low price for pups (unless they get volume discounts). Please, please, please don't pick a puppy because of the price! You will probably end up paying a whole lot more in both tears and vet bills. Read the info at the link that Jan provided. It is a great starting point for your search.

  • please read Choosing a Breeder atJan, Sat Jan 10 02:27
    http://www.goldendoodles.com/choosingbreeder.htm I saw nothing on their website about health testing done on their breeding stock. Kennel club registration is not an indicator of good health. Their... more
    • I'd definitely do a little more research. — Diane, Sat Jan 10 06:46
      • Cedar Echo Family KennelSheri, Fri Feb 6 11:58
        I know for a fact that all the puppies from Cedar Echo are definitely dewormed, vet checked and leave the kennel with a clean bill of health. The savings on the charge of the puppies is only because... more
        • Dewormed vs healthtestedKendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles, Sun Jun 3 14:46
          The prior poster referenced health tested which is not the same as being vet checked and dewormed! Being vet checked and dewormed is basic care for the dogs. Health testing refers to clearance of... more
        • Re: Cedar Echo Family KennelAnonymous, Mon Mar 14 16:31
          i personally got a puppy from cefk, and he was FULL of worms. the only thing ainsley could offer me was another wormy puppy. no thanks! thousands of dollars later he is now a healthy 3 year old. wish ... more
          • My new pup. Sept 29/18Mitch, Sat Sep 29 16:15
            Just left the Cedar Echo with my pup. What a gentleman Ainsley is. Provided me with a certificate from the vet with shots and deworming from the vet. I had talked to my vet prior to visiting the... more
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