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looking for a goldendoodle too
swenson wildwood goldendoodle
Fri Jul 9, 2010 14:33


I too was looking into swenson's fact they have a deposit from me. Now I'm concerned. Any more info that you can share? Did you contact them regarding the problem? How old is your dog? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Re: Anyone have experience with buying from Swenson's Wildwood lARRY AND LUCY'S MOM, Sun Jun 27 10:27
    Would not recommend this breeder. Larry is from there, he has severe hip dysplaisa, severe allergies. His dew claws were not removed, he had a severe foot infection and bilateral ear infections when... more
    • we have a 5 1/2 year old golden doodle from swenson'shappy in hudsonville, Fri Jul 30 23:34
      We have a wonderful goldendoodle from swenson's. He is 5 1/2 years old. We have had no issues with him. He is bigger than we expected at 90# but has been a great addition to our family. He gets... more
      • We have a almost one year oldKaren, Tue Oct 12 17:29
        We have a almost 1 year old male goldendoodle from Swenson's. We love him to death he is so adorable and we have had no health problems with him so far. He too is a very large boy over 100 pounds. I... more
        • Puppy parents?looking4doodle, Wed Apr 3 20:48
          Would love to know who the parents are for the doodle you have & love. Looking at getting a pup from them this spring and them have a few different litters coming up. Also would love to see a pic of... more
      • I would Love to see a picture of this big guy
    • DewclawsPaddy, Wed Jul 14 09:35
      I thought the Dew Claw issue had been resolved,they are needed as they are attached to a set of mussles and at a high speed turn extend for balance.I forget where I read this may have been on... more
    • swenson wildwood goldendoodle — looking for a goldendoodle too, Fri Jul 9 14:33
      • SwensonsMisty, Sun Sep 28 00:39
        I see that your post is very old, but I found it on a google search for Swensons Wildwood Doodles. Did you get a dog from them? They have a deposit check from me and I am a bit concerned now.
      • Re: swenson wildwood goldendoodleAnonymous, Thu Sep 11 18:47
        We just purchased a puppy from Sherrye Swenson and couldn't be happier. I was most impressed with the quality of the puppy and the professionalism of the breeder. John S. Duluth, MN 9/12/14
      • Re: swenson wildwood goldendoodleAnonymous, Tue Sep 9 11:23
        • Re: swenson wildwood goldendoodleAnonymous, Tue Sep 9 11:25
          Not a good place. Definitely puppy mill. Please be thoughtful when purchasing a puppy. Research and pay more for well bred dogs. Don't support puppy mills! Hundreds mistreated and unloved.
      • GoldendoodlesRachel, Wed Dec 25 18:51
        We got our puppy from Barley from Sherrye and John. He was healthy and the best dog we ever had! We lost him a couple weeks ago in a freak accident. We are so sad, cause we miss him so much.... more
        • Grieving Over CallieNancy, Thu Dec 26 02:50
          Have tried to post individual msgs but unable to. I lost Callie yesterday (1:30 pm) when she collapsed after being taken out. Right now don't know what caused it but she had been ill the last week... more
          • Have a new friend, SallieNancy A., Wed Sep 10 05:16
            Letting everyone know I have a new friend, Sallie who I got from the same breeder I got Callie (Fox Creek Farm in Berkeley Springs, WV) nearly 2 weeks ago (on Sat., Aug. 30th). Sallie is a welcome... more
          • Loss of your Calliebtaylor5, Mon Dec 30 09:30
            So very sorry to hear about the loss of your Callie. How painful and difficult for you. What an amazing life she had, nearly 14 years old? A lucky girl indeed. I'm going day by day right now with my... more
            • Thanks..Nancy Abbott, Mon Dec 30 20:40
              Thank you & she (Trina)'s a young one for sure! I found out Callie was really in trouble the Friday before Xmas, then on Xmas she was gone (dropped dead from a massive heart attack). Even tried CPR... more
          • so sorryBlue, Sun Dec 29 09:40
            Nancy, I am so sorry for your loss.
          • lost friendalex, Fri Dec 27 11:46
            it is so hard...I, too, have a 14 yr old and go day by day....I do believe in the Rainbow Bridge...hearfelt sympathy to you
          • calliecarose, Fri Dec 27 09:51
            nancy, so sorry for your loss :( i will be praying for her and your family. may she rest in peace. - rose
            • Callie's PassingNancy, Fri Dec 27 22:19
              Will get back to you about Callie, her passing, etc. Found some earlier pictures on the Doodle Page so will hopefully share them with you at a later time!
          • So very sorry what a loss (nm)Peggy(NJ), Fri Dec 27 07:23
      • Swensons Wildwood DoodlesNewPuppyMom, Thu Oct 11 14:03
        Hi there - would love to know also about Swenson's Wildwood as we would love to get a puppy from them this next year. We're new to puppy breeder shopping. Anything info is greatly appreciated. Did... more
      • Swenson's goldendoodleet, Fri Jan 27 13:58
        Bought two Golden Doodles from Swensons. They are brothers and now nearly 6 years old. Both are great dogs, great with the kids and absolutely NO health problems.
      • Owner-Recommended Breeders ListLinda Rogers, Sat Jul 10 09:07
        Why does anyone take a chance when you can go to the list of Owner-Recommended Breeders and get a quality Goldendoodle? I would think that buying a dog in one's neighborhood or... more
      • another questionlooking for a goldendoodle too, Fri Jul 9 18:18
        do you have the parents names of the dog who has hip problems?
    • Thanks for sharing WantADoodle, Sun Jun 27 13:11
      Thanks for sharing your experience. This does help.
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