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Kirsy Spoddig
seizures in AL from OZ breeder
Fri Aug 6, 2010 03:33

Aloha Captain Rico,
Not sure you are aware about the Exposure of Rutland Manor? Here is the link. Don't be shocked!
My dog is from Sunsethills Labradoodles, but the bloodline problem was from VALLEY VIEW. We thought Sunsethills had a great reputation. How wrong we were! A LONG story! We just won our complaint against her. Only with the help of 2 other AL breeders (in Australia & the States)were we able to find this out!!
Anyway all those breeders, to avoid inbreeding exchange stud dogs. If you look at your dogs Pedigree, look for anything from VALLEY VIEW line! My dogs mother is NOT Epileptic, but her Father (=my dog's Grand father)is on the Melbourne Genetic Data base as an Epileptic dog. This was known to our breeder for 4 years and she still continued with that blood line! My dogs pedigree has apart from Sunsethills, lots of Tegan Park, Cloudcatcher, Valley view & Rutland Manor! Your Rusty seems as PERFECT personality as our Darling Jasper!
For more help join k9epilepsy@yahoogroups and READ on Guarding Angels about Dog Epilepsy. One of the BEST sites for help. I got some great advise from Dr. Jean Dodds, who is one of the founders. I am NOT using any Medication, but having great success on her NATURAL APPROACH advise. Let me know, if you are interested. Got so much more info, as I have been researching for nearly a year now. Cheers. Kirsy

  • SeizuresCaptain Rico, Tue Aug 3 20:27
    Dear Kirsty and Jasper, Rusty came from Rutland Manor in Australia, and they have absolutely no history of any seizures in his blood line. Where did your dog originate? I live in Hawaii. Rusty seems... more
    • might be of interest to youKirsy , Fri Aug 27 05:23
      Just joined a new group on Yahoo DOODLEHEALTH. Look at the Database
    • seizures in AL from OZ breeder — Kirsy Spoddig, Fri Aug 6 03:33
    • One of my doods also had a seizurealex, Wed Aug 4 11:59
      My 20 month old aussie dood had a grand mal seizure July 29th - He recovered promptly, had no further complications and I attributed it to high temperatures and a rotten piece of squirrel he scarfed... more
      • seizures in AL from OZ breederKirsy Spoddig, Fri Aug 6 03:14
        Hi Alex, My dog is from Sunsethills Labradoodles, which we thought had a great reputation. How wrong we were! A LONG story! We just won our complaint against her. Only with the help of 2 other AL... more
        • Valley ViewDeidre, Fri Aug 13 06:06
          Beare of Valley View puppy farm Rutland Manor purchased a lot of dogs from there as well. As for Tegan Park, they do not have a good rep in Australia... more
          • Money hungry Breeders in OZKirsy , Fri Aug 13 16:24
            I can't believe, even TEGAN PARK? I am not surprised about my Dogs genetic inherited Epilepsy now! His blood line is connected to all 3 Breeders. Just very disappointed in SUNSETHILLS LABRADOODLES,... more
        • Do you know the grandfather's name, Alex? (nm)Linny, Buffy & Spike, Sun Aug 8 04:06
          • Grandfather's nameKirsy , Sun Aug 8 04:25
            The Grandfather's name is VALLEY VIEW TEDDY BEAR. But the whole Valley View Bloodline produced MANY Epileptic Puppies. Therefore should have been culled! He is not the ONLY one. Valley View denies... more
            • That's a shameLinny, Buffy & Spike, Sun Aug 8 05:38
              Hi kirsy, That's a shame. A friend of mine has a Labradoodle (not an AL though) who developed epilepsy out of the blue when she was about 5 years old. The best thing she found was to contact... more
        • So sorry to hear that !! (nm)Peggy(NJ), Sat Aug 7 08:09
        • Epiboysalex glanz, Sat Aug 7 08:08
          I still believe that my breeder is ethical and careful (same college, shared med classes)However, I am certain that with the mixture of poodles, curly coat retrievers and Irish water spaniels, and... more
          • How is Brewmaster doing?Kirsy, Sat Jul 30 23:30
            Hi Alex, Just wondering how your dog is going with the Epilepsy now? Jasper just reached his longest seizure break of over 10 weeks, BUT ended up with his first ever cluster. Hoping it was a one of... more
            • Mr. Brewmasteralex, Sun Jul 31 11:00
              The 65 lb. chocobrew master has only had one seizure, about 2 weeks ago, and it was over quickly...He foamed a bit, peed a little, ran around the house as if it were on fire, but it was the first in... more
              • Re: Mr. BrewmasterKirsy, Sun Jul 31 17:22
                That's great Alex. One seizure in 8 months is nothing to worry about. Keep it up. Kirsy
          • seizures in AL from OZ breederKirsy , Sat Aug 7 17:07
            I think you are right Alex. It is a combination of things. Certainly the high risk of Epilepsy in all those dog breeds MIXED UP doesn't help. For that we got the PERFECT Dog personality wi and the... more
            • Grain Free/Taurine seems the ticketalex glanz, Sat Aug 7 20:30
              The Grand Mal seizure was recent - July 27 -- so I'm hoping that high temps and rotten flood flesh were triggers and it was not idiopathic (genetic) though of course the tendency is now established... more
              • seizure triggersKirsy , Sat Aug 7 21:22
                I talked to my Vet. He said even we KNOW Jasper's seizures are genetic, THERE ARE ALWAYS TRIGGERS! As many as 500! From low blood sugar, Thyroid problems,poisonous plants, cleaning products to... more
                • Idiopathic seizuresAlex Glanz, Mon Aug 9 09:26
                  Thus far, Brew has had one tonic clonic seizure (7-27 or 29)without loss of consciousness or loss of bladder control....He foamed, drooled, had nervous pre-seizure behavior and "bicycling" legs --... more
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