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Paul in Brookline (aka Dipsy's PAL)
Silver Phantom GoldenDoodles
Thu May 10, 2012 17:13

Dipsy is a silver phantom - a prized color variation in Poodles.

She started out black, with a white blaze on her chest and a bit more on her paws, with a bit of chocolate on her muzzle. At eight years old, she has a light frosting of silver, and a grey beard. People regularly stop us to tell me how beautiful she is.

I'll offer the same advice I received form our breeder: color should be the last thing on your list. Health and temperament should be your top priority, followed by gender. I started out looking for a copper or cream colored male, ended up with a black female, who makes me laugh every day.

  • Doodle Colors Alicia , Thu May 10 00:40
    Hi there I am in love with the goldendoodle so I have decided to get one for myself. I have a breeder picked out & the litter is born but I am wondering about black dogs and premature greying. Is... more
    • Doodle colorsMA and Tom, Fri May 11 20:54
      Our "phantom" doodle is 9 years old and from Smeraglia's first liter. We thought we wanted fawn as we had lost 2 goldens--and a female--but the only female was black. She is absolutely a wonderful... more
      • Have you tried photobucket?Laurie (Missing Ru), Fri May 11 21:47
        Hi! I'm a bit of a technophobe too, but I find photobucket an easy way to post pics. If you feel like a little adventure- Go to Photobucket and start an account... 5 minutes... They tell you what to... more
        • Doodle colorsMA and Tom, Sat May 12 12:20
          Thanks so much Laurie--we will give it a try--5 minutes huh?
    • I think blacks are gorgeous!Laurie (Missing Ru), Thu May 10 10:27
      They are my fave. Some fade and some don't. I agree that the greys can be beautiful too. Sometimes you can see it with puppies in the litter, that some will already be lightening, maybe around the... more
    • Are you concerned with the black fadingLori & the Two Hound Train, Thu May 10 09:40
      to a silver/gray? Or are you talking premature graying due to age? The best predictor if the black will stay true is to look at past litters of the same parents. It is not uncommon for blacks to fade ... more
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