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Doodle concern
Wed Nov 30, 2016 19:39

I have a 1 year old female golden doodle. I am newly divorced & have shared custody of my 3 kids (16, 13, 7). A few months ago my 13 year old was angry & got in my face yelling & my doodle started barking aggressively & bit my son. Since then when my son raises his voice at me or we argue my doodle jumps up & starts barking & biting at my son. This son is the one that has always spent the most time with our dog, walks her, plays with her, etc. My concern is what to do with my doodle. Has anyone ever had this experience with a doodle & if so what did you do? Please help me & my doodle!!

    • I agree - find a positive trainer, or better yet, a canineLori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Dec 1 07:59
      behaviorist to help you. The doodle is experiencing a new life and may be feeling stressed. Maybe she was acting protectively.....protecting you from your son's anger. It is also possible she... more
    • Re: Doodle concernJoe , Wed Nov 30 23:00
      I would contact a canine behaviorist. Your dog has to learn his place in the pack,the sooner the better.
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