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New puppy questions
Sat Jul 15, 2017 19:32

Yesterday we brought home our new puppy she is a mini f1b goldendoodle. She is 7 weeks old. She sleeps a lot and doesn't always eat 3 meals. We are using the food breeder used. Do I need to worry? She sleeps in crate with no fuss.

Also, I worked full time but plan on coming home during lunch to feed and walk her and then I will be home by 4:30. Does that work for pups.

Last question her mom was a mini goldendoodle 32lb and dad a mini poodle 16lb. Breeder said her size could be 17-27lb. Just wonder if anyone has a Mini f1b and what there weight is.

    • New puppyDebbie, Mon Jul 17 08:05
      It is completely normal for a puppy not to eat much in a new home !!! As long as the puppy is acting normal like a puppy do not be obsessed with how much the puppy is eating. The puppy will eat when... more
    • New PuppyErin, Sun Jul 16 12:40
      One more thing! With regard to your schedule, our trainer told us that puppies can stay in their crate during the day for one hour longer than their age. For example, our puppy is about 2 months old, ... more
      • Thank you!Anonymous, Sun Jul 16 15:01
        Congratulations on your puppy, my little girl was born 5/26. I tried the moist food she still ate very little. So we are going to try to transition her to another brand. She does sleep a lot. I think ... more
    • New PuppyErin, Sun Jul 16 12:18
      Congratulations! We brought our new puppy home yesterday, too. He is a standard F1 Goldendoodle and is also about 7 weeks old. (Born May 20th) I would not be concerned about your puppy's lack of... more
      • Re: New PuppyAnonymous, Mon Jul 17 23:38
        By draining off the water you are also draining important vitamins and minerals that got into the water from the food. In my opinion soaking the food is not really needed. The pup ate the dry food... more
    • new puppy - congratulationsalex, Sun Jul 16 09:59
      She sounds like a darling pup -- but I would be concerned about her appetite -- mine have always eaten a lot..but, she may be scared, lonely and is very young to be away from her family..if you could ... more
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