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puppy zoomies?
Tue Sep 12, 2017 20:35

I saw a reference in this forum recently to the "zoomies" - the puppy acts crazy, running around and misbehaving. My 10-week old petite goldendoodle acts like this - on a regular schedule for about an hour in the early evening. The rest of the 23 hours a day she's amazing: almost potty trained, learning quickly to sit/stay/come, happy when she meets all of the other kids in the neighborhood, enjoys several active walks and romping, and lots of sleeping. Is there an explanation for that one hour (perhaps the stories on the evening news?)?

    • We LOVE the zoomies! Our 9 & 10 year oldsLori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Sep 13 08:54
      still get the zoomies. But at this age, they only last for a few minutes. I think it is a great way to expend excess energy. When Wilson was young, nighttime was his zoomie time as well. We always... more
    • Zoomies Joe, Tue Sep 12 23:12
      It is just a stage many puppies go through most likely it will pass.
      • Re: Zoomies Anonymous, Wed Sep 13 09:09
        Except, she pees on our floor ONLY during the zoomies, so that's not good!
        • Remember she is just a baby! She can'tLori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Sep 14 07:08
          control her bladder yet. I agree, get her out a lot before the zoomies are coming and instantly afterwards.
          • Zoom & Potty! Oh boy!alex, Sat Sep 16 16:27
            young females' bladders and urethra just aren't mature till 3 months or more, so you may get a dribble or accident during excitement (zoomies or meet & greets) Have no fear, these pups train up early ... more
        • ZoomiesJoe, Wed Sep 13 15:22
          Should grow out of this also. You may want to take her out before she gets them, one of mine would have them after eating..
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