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Food Allergy
Thu Nov 9, 2017 13:09

My 5 month goldendoodle was just diagnosed with a food allergy and I was told I need to change my dog food. She was on 4 health puppy food. What food would y’all recommend for a dog with a food allergy?

Thank you

    • It is very unusual for such a young pupLori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Nov 14 14:25
      to be diagnosed with a food allergy. How was the diagnosis achieved? There are no accurate tests. The only true way to diagnose a food allergy is to do a elimination diet. But my first point stands - ... more
      • food allergy -- diagnosisalex, Fri Nov 17 20:40
        After working with Michigan State University vets and skin allergies, I've learned one thing for first have to omit ingredients to determine what it is your pup is allergic to...and the... more
    • try to find a reduced ingredient foodJan, Fri Nov 10 04:59
      with a different protein source than the 4 health puppy food. When I was dealing with a food sensitivity problem with one of my dogs, I found California Natural to be pretty good. It's an... more
      • one more thingJan, Fri Nov 10 05:02
        Also look at what treats you are feeding. Turns out peanut butter can be an allergy trigger too. As can cheese... While testing out new food(s), I'd advise simply using the kibble as treats. Don't... more
    • Foods Joe, Thu Nov 9 23:13
      Foods that do not have the foods she is allergic to.
      • Natural BalanceDebbie, Fri Nov 10 05:47
        We like Natural Balance, Limited Ingredient, Grain Free. "Duck and Potato" works well for us. They also have other different protein sources (Lamb, Venison, Bison) as I agree its usually Chicken and... more
        • Re: Natural BalanceAnonymous, Fri Nov 10 08:50
          Thank you Jan and Debbie, it is the chicken and the beef she is allergic to, I have heard great things in the past 2 days about the natural balance food. So I think I’m gonna start with that and see... more
          • Good LuckDebbie, Sat Nov 11 11:30
            You are right to transfer her gradually. The good thing about the Limited Ingredient recipe is it gives you control over the ingredients so you can pinpoint allergies and also sensitivities. If she... more
          • FoodJoe, Fri Nov 10 14:54
            Anything will do in regards to her allergies as long as it does not have chicken or beef.
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