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Sara Jane
Help with emotional dog!
Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:20

I love my goldendoodle, Norm. He just turned 6 and he is a great dog, but lately he has been driving me and my husband nuts. We have taken him to the vet and nothing appears to be physically wrong with him. So his behavior is emotional. We have a three year old daughter and the minute she came into the world he hasnít wanted anything to do with her even though she loves him, tries to play with him and gives him loves and treats. He loves EVERY other child except her. Now I am pregnant with our second and definitely showing because i am over halfway through the pregnancy. And in the last few weeks he has been pooping all over the kitchen but only when I leave. This is not like him!! The rest of the time when we are here he has zero urgency to go out. But as soon as I leave he poops all over! What can I do for an emotional dog?? I grew up with hunting dogs so i have no idea what I am doing here! Can anyone help or give advice?

    • I would see an animal behavioristJoe, Mon Nov 13 23:22
      • Trainer/ Behaviorist NeededDebbie, Tue Nov 14 07:03
        Totally agree with Joe. Essential that you seek professional advice with your dog. Dogs and people do not see the world in the same way. When you think you are reassuring your dog you might actually... more
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