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Golden Retriever x mini goldendoodle breed?
Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:25

Does anyone know what happens when you breed a mini goldendoodle and a regular golden retriever? Just curious what they look like and any information. Asking for a friend :)

    • Which means they'll likely look like & shed like a golden retriever more than a doodle. Forget about allergy friendlyness too. Granted, because one is a mini goldendoodle, the puppies probably will... more
      • thanks for your quick response. If one wanted to find a poodle stud to breed an english creme golden retriever, where would they find that? I really am asking for a friend, so excuse my ignorance! :)
        • Those kind of questions are best asked on the Breeders' Forum at: Be prepared to be grilled about health tests and results and your plans for your... more
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