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you'd get puppies that are 75% golden retriever
Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:00

Which means they'll likely look like & shed like a golden retriever more than a doodle. Forget about allergy friendlyness too.

Granted, because one is a mini goldendoodle, the puppies probably will make the offspring like smaller golden retrievers, but given the wide variance in size of GRs (50 to 110 pounds), that's probably not that much of a bonus...

  • Does anyone know what happens when you breed a mini goldendoodle and a regular golden retriever? Just curious what they look like and any information. Asking for a friend :)
    • you'd get puppies that are 75% golden retriever — Jan, Thu Apr 26 11:00
      • thanks for your quick response. If one wanted to find a poodle stud to breed an english creme golden retriever, where would they find that? I really am asking for a friend, so excuse my ignorance! :)
        • Those kind of questions are best asked on the Breeders' Forum at: Be prepared to be grilled about health tests and results and your plans for your... more
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