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So very sorry to hear of your loss. (nm)
Wed May 9, 2018 12:26

  • loss of daizyrubietoos, Sun May 6 23:56
    I just want to tell you all that I read posts on this website for so many years and got my dear Daizy 11 years ago - largely based on the recommendations from the breeder list and also from your... more
    • thank you allAnonymous, Mon May 14 15:33
      Thank you all for your kind words...This forum has been so helpful - thru all the years that I had Daizy - and I enjoy reading all the posts about these wonderful dogs. Keep posting and sharing... more
    • So very sorry to hear of your loss. (nm) — Jan, Wed May 9 12:26
    • Daizyalex, Tue May 8 19:22
      and in time you will love her more...they never leave life or the day they, sweet girl...she was your blessing...
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